The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Turn for the Worse: Jenny

Have you ever wanted to smack someone you couldn’t take your eyes off? Other than Lindsay Lohan, I mean?

One New Yorker story and a subsequent book deal were all it took to turn harmlessly kooky Jennifer Schecter into a full-blown Diva on Crack. With her cast and crew, Jenny was arrogant and too hard. With Niki, her leading lady friend, she was indulgent and too soft. She became insane and insanely self-absorbed which, in Hollywood, was just right.

The only thing that made Jenny tolerable — and even fun to watch — was Mia Kirshner’s great delivery of lines such as, “It might be nice if you look like you’re actually giving her pleasure rather than moving furniture.”

The show returned Jenny’s soul to her in the 11th hour when BFF Shane visited real betrayal and heartbreak upon her, so maybe there’s hope for Ms. Schecter yet.

Best New Character: Dawn Denbo

Whatever Denbo wants, Denbo gets. Rumor has it that the line “I’m Dawn Denbo, and this is my beautiful lover Cindi” wasn’t terribly prominent in the script until Elizabeth Keener latched onto it. Then, before you could say “Puppies!” it was all the rage.

Whether she was planting rats at The Planet, giving Shane sexual ultimatums, or disrupting a Lez Girls shoot and walking away with a cool five grand, Dawn Denbo still found time to organize Turkish Oil Wrestling.

You have to respect the Double D’s work ethic.