The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Worst Career Move: Tasha

The opposite of Adele would be Tasha. Adele was ruthless and got her brass ring, while Tasha was stubborn and got zip. She was offered a chance to resign from the military with full health bennies and a clean record but turned it down on principle. Admirable, until she needs a pap smear. She got booted out of the Army anyway and now has no health insurance or retirement plan.

I admire Tasha’s sense of honor, but unless Alice gets picked up by The Look and stops messing with Clea the Kiwi fashion designer, Tasha doesn’t have a dental plan to take care of those blindingly white teeth of hers.

Best Quotes: Jenny’s divalicious lines

Here’s a small sampling of my favorite Jenny gems. What are yours?

  • “[Sounder] hates you. So take him back to the groomer’s now and get orange ribbons so he can like you again.” (Episode 5.1)
  • “I love this watch. It’s so expensive. I can buy a house … in Cambodia.” (Episode 5.4)
  • “Adele, the appliqué on the back of your jeans was declared an abomination by the Geneva Convention.” (Episode 5.6)
  • “I will not continue this conversation until you remove the piece of snot that’s dangling from your nose.” (Episode 5.8)
  • “The dumb s— actor boy is no longer fired.” (Episode 5.9)
  • “She has a face like an extra.” (Episode 5.9)
  • “Do you know my friends think I’m out of my mind because I’m in love with you?” (Episode 5.10)

Although she should have stopped at, “Do you know my friends think I’m out of my mind?”

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