The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Worst Quote: “Weird. Boobs.” — Molly

The first time Molly and Shane were about to have sex, Molly looked at Shane’s bare chest and blurted out: “Weird. Boobs.” Mood-killer! Is Molly supposed to be adorable? I found her am-I-doing-this-right shtick annoying. I’ve been with a few straight women, and none of them ever said anything that clueless.

Think about it: “Weird. Boobs.” Really? The only thing she could have said that would have been worse would be the single sentence, “Weird boobs.” Strike that. The worst thing she could have said would have been, “Do you mind if my boyfriend watches?”

Best accessory: Niki’s dildo

Much has been said about how The L Word depicts the things lesbians do in bed (or in their trailers between takes). Season 5 broke new ground by actually showing some close-up action of two women going to town with some sex toys. I feel so dirty. But let’s see that again.

Worst accessory: Jenny’s affectations

If she wasn’t carrying Sounder around like a designer handbag, Jenny was wearing those ridiculous Swifty Lazar glasses or dragging her former assistant around like a train on her gown of self-importance. Everybody knows that real directors wear bandannas and baseball caps.