The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Best ensemble: Anything worn by Jennifer Beals

When I lived on the East Coast, my friends and I would watch the show and say things like, “That would never happen,” “Shane’s not a butch” and “Who dresses like that?”

I wasn’t alone in feeling that The L Word did a poor job of representing our community. Filmmaker Dasha Snyder made a hilarious parody called The D Word with “people who look like people” (and butches who look like Julie Goldman) to drive the point home.

But now that I live in L.A., I’m here to tell you yes, the drama on The L Word is real, some Hollywood lesbians really do look like that, and L.A. lesbian couture has a style all its own.

Bette’s had some fashion missteps in the past, but this season, she had it going on.

Worst ensemble: Jodi’s Incan housecoat

Human sacrifice. It’s what’s for dinner.

Jodi is perfectly capable of looking smashing, as she did when she exacted her revenge on Bette in the season finale. In fact, that was the best she’s looked all season. Why she chose to throw on this nightmare is beyond me, except maybe her grass skirt and coconut bra were at the cleaners.

Best Use of Animals: Kangaroos

This is my favorite scribegrrrl recap image, ever.

Worst Use of Animals: Sounder

Here, Sounder. Here, boy! Has anyone seen Jenny’s dog lately?

If Sounder had any sense, he would have run away. But knowing Adele, she drove him 50 miles outside the city and threw him out of a moving car. We’ll miss you, our orange-beribboned friend.

What were your favorite best/worst moments? What other categories can you think of? Do tell.