Why Wanda Sykes rocks

We recently told you about Ellen DeGeneres‘ schooling of Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern on her show. But that wasn’t the half of it. Ellen’s guests that day included Wanda Sykes and Danny Noriega (American Idol), so it felt like the gayest show ever. (No, Wanda is not necessarily gay. Or at least not out. No comment.)

Anyway, here’s a clip of Wanda on that episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She talks about everything from Sally Kern to Obama vs. Hillary to how you know you’re getting old:



And if that’s not enough to make your day, here’s a snippet of one of Wanda’s stand-up acts (thanks for the tip, Beth!) — the audio is out of sync, but it’s still funny:


Funny, smart, cute … just plain awesome. She knows how to take a joke just one step further, and that stuff cannot be taught.

BTW, if you’re not watching The New Adventures of Old Christine, you’re missing some quality time with Wanda! Here’s that clip of her character, Barb, talking about a collegiate fling with Christine:




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