“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.12 “Loyal and True”

The real wrap-up — Out in the happier part of the party, William introduces Adele. The rising star, fresh from signing a three-picture deal, begins to talk about Lez Girls. She shares the news about the distribution deal, and then thanks someone you might not expect her to thank.

Adele: I know that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jennifer Schecter, who gave me the opportunity to —
Jenny: [out of nowhere] I didn’t give you anything. You stole it.

Yes! And then Jenny steals the microphone (OK, Adele offers it to her) and the crowd offers a show of support. I think I’m smiling for the first time since way back at the beginning during Angelica’s adorableness.

Jenny makes her own speech, expressing hope that the people who are now entrusted with Lez Girls will honor it. She thanks her “incredible friends” and the loyalty and compassion they’ve shown.

And that’s when the camera cuts to Niki and Shane, who are somewhere out of earshot, having sex against a railing.

Did I say “railing”? I think that’s what this plot twist provokes in the average L Word viewer: a lot of ranting and railing. This particular hookup makes no sense, least of all from Shane, who didn’t even want to go to the party because she thought it would be disloyal to Jenny.

And one more note about sex against railings: Be careful, Shane, or you’ll end up with a Nip/Tuck situation on your hands. (Christian f—ed his ex right off the balcony. A nasty business.)

Jenny, who is still talking about how much friendship means to her — “more than any movie or lover” — asks whether Niki is there.

Jenny: I realized something really important this afternoon … that I am madly in love with someone, and it’s changed the way I feel about all of this. Thank you for … putting up with me.

Everyone cheers and claps. Oh, Jenny. How many times have I worried about your fragile heart this season? Well, here comes the big one.

Jenny goes to hug all of her friends, including the once icy Bette, and then she goes in search of Niki. She finds her on that railing, with Shane’s head between her legs.

Jenny: What are you doing?

That is the question of the century.

Elsewhere, Tina learns that Adele agreed to change the ending of the movie: Jesse goes back to Jim.

Tina: That is so f—ed up.

We go back and forth from Shane swearing she’s Jenny’s friend to the movie people swearing the film will be OK.

Tina: The guy gets the girl, the end? This is the movie that was supposed to change all that.
Adele: Look, Tina. If the movie’s too gay, it’s going to alienate the audience.
Tina: Too gay! It’s a movie about lesbians.

William and Aaron insist that the movie is full of lesbians (and that bisexual, Alyse). Speaking of all those lesbians, Bette, Alice, Tasha and Kit have wandered upon the scene by now and want to know what’s going on.

Tina: The studio wants to change the ending of the movie. They want Jesse to go back to Jim.
Kit, Bette and Alice: What?!

Tina: They think the movie’s too gay.
Bette: Too gay?

I do applaud Mama Chaiken for soldiering on, no matter how many times she heard those two little words.

Kit: I’m telling you, it’s the man that does this crazy s—.

Just to make everything worse, Jenny, Shane and Niki walk by. The rest of our gang watches the confrontation. (Well, except for Bette, who decides to go get the car.)

Shane: I am your friend, I swear.
Jenny: It’s the ultimate betrayal. You’ve broken my heart.

Another version of “Walk on By” (Dionne Warwick this time) begins to play as the camera looks out over the lights of the city.

Wow. That was … bleak.

A final note — You know how Peter Brady once sang, “When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange”? Well, I’m heeding his advice: My time on the AfterEllen.com staff is coming to an end. No, I haven’t been forced out like Jenny or bought out like Dawn Denbo — I was offered a new job I just couldn’t resist. (Yes, I’m going to be Peggy Peabody’s personal assistant! Uh, I wish.)

Although this is my last week as a full-time staffer, I do hope to recap the final season of The L Word, if I have time. Meanwhile, I want to thank you all for being the best audience ever. Your support and insights and hilarity have made me feel very lucky.

Two lines from this episode say it better than I can. First, Jenny: “Thank you for putting up with me.” And, of course, Kit: “Girl! Girl! Girl! Oh, girl!”


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