What’s in Buffy’s future? You decide.

Sometimes, a list appears that just begs for AfterEllen.com readers’ comments. And most of the time, your suggestions result in a list vastly superior to the original. I fully expect that to be the case with this week’s effort from IF Magazine: “The Top Ten Things We’d Like to See in ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ Comics.”

The list proposes situations and returning characters that would make for good reading. Here are some of the highlights:

Bring back Tara and Joyce

As the article puts it, “If bad guys can come back, why not good guys?” True enough. While I doubt that anyone here would disagree that killing Tara was a bad move, do we really want her to come back now?

To my surprise, I have mixed feelings about it. Love, love, love Tara. But Willow has grown and changed a lot, and I don’t think I want Tara to return to Willow unless they can live happily ever after. One thing is certain: I wouldn’t want anyone but Joss to write that story line.

IF proposes that Joyce could return as a sort of spiritual guide to the slayerettes — I’m thinking Grams on Charmed. Hmm. I don’t see a reason for this one. Nothing against Joyce, but she wasn’t a slayer, so would be short on slayerish wisdom. I think her ghost days are over.

Resurrect Anya for another “Doppelgangland” story line

The theory is that D’Hoffryn might bring Anya back to make her pay for her betrayal or to finally win her love, leading to an alternate reality story such as “what if Buffy hadn’t returned from the dead?” I actually kind of like this idea. I’m a sucker for alternate reality scenarios. And before Season 8 started, Joss told MTV that Anya is “definitely dead — but that doesn’t mean she’s gone.” Bring on the bunnies!

Return Oz to the fold

Actually, Oz is coming back to the fold, according to Joss. But I’ll assume the list maker didn’t know about PaleyFest.

Let Dru reappear to avenge Spike’s death

This one makes a lot of sense, from a storytelling perspective. Drusilla just disappeared after she found out that Spike loved Buffy, but nothing indicated that she’d given up on the hope that she, Darla and Spike could eventually be a “family.” As IF points out, “Dru was always one of the best and most demented Buffy bads and she would be fun to see again.” Agreed.

I don’t have much of an opinion about the rest of the list (except for the slight suggestion of a three-way between Buffy, Spike and Angel — ew). But it does spark some thoughts of a resurrected Glory or more Buffybots or a comic book musical episode. (Nanochip-infused ink. You heard it here first.)

Now for the best part of the list: yours. What would you like to see happen in the future Buffyverse? Any characters that you’d like to have return? Any story lines you’d like to see in Buffy? Anyone you wish had been a dream all along (cough-Dawn-cough)?