Feist rocks “The Colbert Report”



Feist (indie)rocks the Colbert Report | AfterEllen.com



First, a disclaimer. The official Feist idolator (I hope that’s an actual word) around here was the fondly missed scribegrrrl, as you might remember. Obviously, these are very big shoes to fill, but I’ll give it my best shot: I. Love. Feist. Love, love, love. Looove.

Want proof? She’s coming to my neck of the woods on June 11 and I have had the ticket for months. And I can hardly keep myself from running to the venue right now and sleeping there to get a front row seat. The only reason I don’t do that? I have to blog for AfterEllen.com, obviously! Well, and I’m sane too. (Also, I’m going to a Cat Power concert on May 26, so I’m sleeping there first.)

The lovely Leslie chatted with Stephen Colbert on Monday for a few minutes only, but that was quite enough to make me like her even more. First of all, her outfit. She looked absofreakinlutely fantastic. Seriously, a tie and a vest? No wonder Colbert told her, “So you swing both ways.” He was actually talking about her dual citizenship (she’s a citizen of both the U.S. and Canada), but we can still dream, right?

Colbert tried to understand what kind of an indie singer-songwriter Feist is, as he said he discovered her “in a little out-of-the-way club I call an iPod commercial.” Heh. He then asked her if he should call her Feist or Leslie or Leslie Feist, to which she answered, “As long as you call me, Stephen Colbert, you can call me anything you want.” Lucky %#$$&!

Feist and Colbert have a nice interaction, but it’s way too short. Still, it’s worth watching, so go ahead:

And after the chat, a little bonus: Feist sang an acoustic version of “I Feel It All.” (And check out Colbert wearing Feist’s “1 2 3 4” outfit):

The only question remaining is: How much do you love Feist?