Brunch With Bridget: Episode 18 “Brunch with BAM”

Yes, it’s true. We’ve been teasing this episode of Brunch with Bridget just like a soap opera. Week upon week of build-up, leaving you wondering “Will it pay off?”

The answer is: Yes. Wait no longer. BAM themselves, Eden Riegel (Bianca) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) from All My Children fame are Bridget’s bedmates this week. The girls answer your questions about their ground-breaking roles on AMC, explain the necessity (or lack thereof) of Zarf to Bridget, and get frisky with a sock monkey.

Most importantly, they allow Bridget to fulfill her directorial fantasies (and probably a few fantasies of your own) by acting out a “lost” AMC scene (i.e. one that Bridget wrote) that brings Bianca and Maggie close once again.

Really close.

The girls also talk about their post-AMC careers, including their latest project, Imaginary Bitches.

Brunch with Bridget: Episode 18 “Brunch with BAM”

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Watch Imaginary Bitches here and enter here to win the sock monkey seen in this episode and autographed by Eden and Elizabeth .