Come With Me If You Want To Live: “Work Out” 3.3

Jenn’s best friend Troy joins her and Dee in reviewing this episode of Work Out, which features more lesbian drama on a boat.

Jenn and Dee also answer viewer questions, including whether they liked high school, if they’re out to their parents, their religious views, and what they think of labels.

And in case you forgot that Jenn and Dee (and Troy) are band geeks at heart, they do some marching band trash-talk at the end of the episode, and Jenn and Dee get into a fight over whose musical instrument is more important.

Come With Me If You Want To Live: Work Out 3.3

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Special shout-out to TalkingGuineaPig (aka Zoe) for creating Come With Me’s awesome new intro, and to Kayla Jones for the new graphics!