“Grey’s Anatomy” mini-cap: Callie is left speechless by Dr. Hahn

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy is this Thursday (and is two hours long!), which means that last week’s episode had the duty of setting up storylines for mind-blowing conclusions and over-the-top cliffhangers. (This is why I love television.)

Last week’s laughter and nervous silence between Callie and Erica left us with little to go on regarding the possibility of another (another!) lesbian/bisexual character on network television, but I’m still holding out hope — meek yet persistent hope.

This episode, aptly titled “Losing My Mind,” featured crazies left and right. Meredith is still seeing her shrink, Dr. Wyatt, sort of. She wants to fire her and get her chart back, but the unrelenting doc is hesitant to give up on Meredith. Cristina is so jaded and messed up that she resorted to cleaning her apartment. (Oh, the madness!) But the two friends find comfort in each other: Meredith asks Cristina if she is “in the dark place” and a quick “Yeah” and a “Me too” are all they need to understand. They walk away from each other, apparently having filled their in-touch-with-their-emotions quota for the day.

Elsewhere, Mark Sloan actually thinks he can act like a real boy (as opposed to the hormone-driven pig we’ve become accustomed to), and we discover that Ava (or more accurately, Rebecca) is not just a conniving be-yatch. Rather, she actually thinks she is/was pregnant and needs Dr. Sloan to give her breast implants so that her body matches her face. That’s one odd cookie, folks.

One of Chief Webber’s old teachers (and also a world-renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon) has come to visit the hospital, but not in the capacity that the chief or Dr. Hahn are inclined to believe. As it turns out, Walter Tapley is there because he needs very complicated heart surgery, but being who he is, no one wants to perform the surgery and become known as his killer. Dr. Webber feels he owes it to his mentor, but Dr. Hahn isn’t so quick to put her reputation as a surgeon on the line.

When lunchtime rolls around Sloan slides into a table next to Callie, and she tells him she’ll see him in an on-call room in a few, but he quickly squashes the idea. Hahn interrupts the happy couple and the two taunt Sloan with illusions of a threesome. He promptly leaves. Clearly, he was getting a little too excited for his liking.

(Side note: Did you notice that it’s only Callie that tried to hetero-fy the conversation? Erica said nothing of bringing Sloan into the equation, which elevates my hope again.)

Meredith and Derek (duh) have another new patient (played by the lovely Regina Taylor) for their brain tumor clinic, but she wants to postpone the surgery for a few hours until her boyfriend arrives. They agree, but soon find out from her sister that Andre is only a figment of her imagination. The docs realize it’s a result of the tumor, and the entire situation evolves into yet another metaphor for their (lack of a) relationship. They’re really exhausting this storyline, aren’t they? Ultimately, they lose yet another patient in the trial, and the post-surgery revelation that Andre did exist sends Meredith into an emotional tailspin. (Is anyone surprised?) Consequently, she runs back to Dr. Wyatt for fixing.

Later, Callie tries to seduce Sloan again, yet he simply wants to talk. This easily results in my favorite (and possibly the most telling) exchange in the whole episode:

Sloan: We can sit in there and talk, but we are not having sex.
Torres: [while throwing a very adorable temper-tantrum] Why?! What are we going to talk about?
Sloan: At lunch, you seemed to want to talk about threesomes.
Torres: You are so not a new man.
Sloan: I mean, I guess if you had to have a threesome, Erica Hahn wouldn’t be a bad choice, right? She brings that whole, ‘We’re naughty and we’re getting sent to the principal’s office’ thing to it. Come on, you never thought about reaching across the OR table and pulling down her mask and ripping off her scrub cap so that you can grab a handful of that blond hair …
Torres: Stop! Stop … talking about Erica Hahn. [Sighs and mumbles.] Forget it.

He didn’t touch a chord, now, did he Callie?

Speaking of Dr. Hahn, she gave into the chief’s pressures and operated on Tapley, but only after making it loud and clear that he would have to take the blame for any complications — like, say, death. To her surprise (and relief) the surgery was successful.

Dr. Bailey — who was grossly underused in this episode — is once again having to deal with the balance between her family and being a surgeon, but George comes in and rescues Tucker from the screaming between Miranda and her (ex?) husband. He’s such a sweetie!

Down the hall, Lexie stops to ask a slumped over and struggling Yang if she is OK. After receiving a cold answer, she starts to walk away, but Cristina stops her and says, “You make me sick. Have some fire. Be unstoppable, be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. There are no teams here, no buddies. You’re on your own; be on your own.” Once again, I find myself in awe of Sandra Oh’s acting talents. Bravo, Oh.

At the show’s end, though, everything else that happened became irrelevant when Dr. Erica Hahn took the harassment of Sloan to another level and planted a big one on Torres.

(Be sure to read Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. for Sarah’s commentary and video of The Kiss!) Once again, Callie’s the one who initiates all the threesome chatter (not Erica), and Callie’s obvious shock at the kiss leads me (and legions of lesbians everywhere) to believe that perhaps that kiss was the last of many dominoes to fall on the road to a major realization.

Good grief — is Thursday here yet?