Lauren Lee Smith is cast as a rebel girl on “CSI”

The beginning of the headline did not sit well with me: “CSI Replaces Jorja Fox.”

Excuse me? Replace Jorja Fox? Try replacing the sun in the morning sky, or the oxygen in the air we breathe, or Dana in Alice’s bed.

OK, thinking about Dana in Alice’s bed made me feel better. And the CSI producers must’ve been thinking along those same lines when they cast the newest forensic female, because starting next season, CSI will star none other than our favorite “soup” chef, Lauren Lee Smith.

Smith joins the cast next season as Bryce Adams, described as a “smart, flirtatious and witty nonconformist who is hired as a CSI on the night-shift team led by Grissom (William Peterson).” Just in case you’re behind on CSI casting news, this is the part that almost went to BSG’s Katee Sackhoff, who still can’t believe she didn’t get it.

Smith’s character, Bryce, went into law enforcement as a way to rebel against her father, a “judgmental psychiatrist” (isn’t that redundant?) According to CBS, “she has always been fascinated by the perverse underbelly of society and cannot be shocked or intimidated.” Perverse underbelly of society? I need to watch CSI more often.

Honestly, though, I’m not sure how I feel about Smith going to CSI. Part of my problem, admittedly, is that I heart Lara Perkins so much that I want to retain that image of Smith.

But that’s selfish, I know. And I have to let go of the soup chef anyway before the release of Helen, which stars Smith and Ashley Judd. Judd plays a music professor who suffers from depression and Smith plays a student who helps her cope. She could be the light at the end of my tunnel any day.

What do you think of Lauren Lee Smith joining CSI? Will we have to endure more ickyness with Grissom? Or dare we hope that she will be a perfect match for Willows?