“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.6 “Get Nasty”

Jackie Warner will now take your questions — Last week, the SkyLabbers
had a group therapy session, giving everyone the opportunity to share their
stories and struggles in a safe and nurturing environment. Micah and Damon altruistically
tried to help Deenie gain some clarity by telling her she’s full of crap and is
“killing” the rest of them. All in all, a good night.

Today, Jackie has summoned
the clients and trainers to the hotel gym to review what they’ve learned so
far. Everyone’s just thrilled to be there.

The meeting quickly
becomes a Q&A for the Queen of All Fitness Knowledge. Natalie wants to know
why people tend to crave carbs and sugar when they feel low. Um, because Brussels
sprouts taste like doody?

Jackie explains: “They’re
comfort foods. Your entire life, you’ve been fed foods that have chemicals in
them, and those chemicals — a lot of them — are now found to be very addictive.”

Thankfully, my mother did
not feed us chemical-laden junk when we were kids. When I’m down, I reach for the
things we were fed in childhood: steak, tofu and an Asian dish called Don’tshamethefamily.

Deenie trots out her weak
psyche for its regularly scheduled appearance — shows are every hour, on the
half-hour. She admits that she’s nervous that after the Sunfare meals stop
coming to her house, she’ll have to rely on her own food choices.

Jackie advises her to consider
what those Sunfare meals are missing: no white breads, no processed foods.

Jackie: Give me an example. If you were
at a restaurant and you had anything at your disposal, how you might order from
that menu?
Deenie: If I went to a fast food
restaurant, I would order a salad and I would get the dressing on the side.

M’kay. Raise your hand if
you believe that. If neurotics build castles in the sky, and psychotics live in
them, I’m pretty sure Deenie has pizza delivered to them.

Jackie suggests that
ordering a grilled chicken sandwich, throwing out the bun, and adding the meat
to the salad is a great way to fill up. Without that trick, starvation can too
easily lead to cheating. Everyone nods at Jackie’s words and their beautiful

Gah, I hate it when she’s