Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 23, 2008)

American broadcast TV finally has a leading lesbian/bi women (and probably two)! And on one of America’s highest rated shows! It’s a lesbian Christmas miracle (in May)!

On last night’s two-hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) finally kissed Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). And Hahn kissed back.

The tension has been building between Hahn and Torres for the two episodes leading up to the finale, beginning with Addison (Kate Walsh) asking Callie if the two women were lovers. In last week’s episode, Hahn kissed Torres to taunt resident playboy Mark Sloane (Eric Dane), but he wasn’t the only one turned on, as a stunned Torres stumbled her way out of the elevator.

In the finale, Sloane, while having sex with Callie, describes an erotic fantasy involving Callie and Erica, and Callie quickly stops him. Later, when he sees Callie watching Erica intently while she’s performing a surgery, Sloane busts Callie on her obvious feelings for Erica, telling her: “It’s OK. I wish I was all someone thought about all day.”

When they’re leaving that night, Callie tries to entice Sloane to “finish what they started,” but he tells her to finish what she started, and nods to Hahn. So Callie does, trying at first to tell Erica how she feels with words, and then finally just grabbing her and kissing her for a several seconds. They break apart for a moment to look at each other, then start kissing again.

(Thanks to Samantha for the screencaps!)

And with that, Callie became only the second bisexual Latina character on American broadcast television (the first was Anna on One Tree Hill).

Here’s what the Grey‘s writers said about what to expect for next season:

Callie and Erica. Callie and Erica!! My god, did we discuss this a lot around here. Because Callie kisses a girl. We had this really cool meeting with GLAAD where we talked about the idea that a woman could decide she had feelings for another woman after being perfectly happy with men and we all got joyous because the chemistry between Callie and Erica and Mark is hot and interesting and fresh and like nothing any of us had seen on TV before. And we wanted it to be real — not some stunt to get people talking. We wanted to see what would happen if a woman suddenly had feelings for another woman. Because that has got to be surprising. And it is for Callie who so likes men. Who so likes sleeping with men.

You’ll be very surprised when you find out where this story is heading next season. Because we don’t do things the easy way. And none of this will be easy. Not for Callie. Not for Erica. And not for Mark Sloan …

Hmm. I like my TV dramas complicated, but I hope they understand that the most surprising development would be if the two women actually just had a romantic relationship — one with the usual ups and downs, but where neither one died, became a killer, decided they were straight, got raped, fired or became encased in cement. Because that just doesn’t happen on broadcast TV.

Earlier this week, Smith told USA Today: “Seeing [my character] have a relationship with anyone is a good thing — and with Callie would be great. It’s 2008 — time for all sorts of diversity. We have a woman and an African American running for president. Good for us!”

And Smith told Entertainment Tonight last night: “[Ramirez is] a great kisser … a very attractive woman. Who wouldn’t want to kiss her?” Smith has played a lesbian character before (in a play with her Grey’s adversary Sandra Oh years ago).

Ramirez created a Spanish-language PSA for GLAAD, which you can watch here:

I only understood the words “gay, lesbian, and bisexual” — but Sara could be selling gay Amway products in this video and I’d watch it.

For those of you picky readers who don’t speak Spanish and want to know what she’s actually saying, it’s: “Hi, I’m Sara Ramirez. Discrimination and intolerance affects our families. What happens when that discrimination is against a brother, sister, niece, mother or uncle that is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender … would you accept it? For a more inclusive world, say no to stereotypes and discrimination. For more information please visit the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation:”

How do you say, “Sara is awesome I can’t wait for the new season please Shonda don’t mess this up!” in Spanish? Discuss this and other pressing Callie/Erica topics in the Callie/Erica forum thread. You can also watch the episode in full at

P.S. Did anyone else notice there was a commercial during the Grey‘s finale starring Ellen DeGeneres, and a different one starring Cynthia Nixon? If only ABC had thrown in Leisha Hailey‘s Yoplait commercial, it would have been an out-lesbians-in-commercials trifecta!

by Sarah Warn