Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 23, 2008)

American television is experiencing a lesbian bed death of sorts — yeah, so, what else is new? With The L Word in the home stretch, ABC’s series Cashmere Mafia officially whacked, Spashley shoved into their locker until fall, and Season 2 of Logo’s Exes & Ohs not scheduled to debut until early 2009, it’s going to be a long, uh, dry summer.

While some of us are surviving on Callie and Hahn crumbs or are resigned to watching Nip/Tuck just to get an eyeful of Katee Sackhoff, international viewers are enjoying lesbionic story lines all over the place. Thanks to tips from readers Maverick, Breakerfall, Kathrine and Marx, here’s a sample of fictional lesbians from around the world.

This police dramedy features a slow-boil plotline between cop Pepa Miranda, played by Spanish model Laura Sanchez, and forensics expert Silvia Castro, played by acting veteran Marian Aguilera.

Due to incredibly confusing family relationships, Silvia is also Pepa’s brother’s sister-in-law. Or brother’s father-in-law’s daughter. Or something. It’s complicated but not incestuous. I don’t think.

Anyway, in a recent episode, Pepa and Silvia attended a party, but it wasn’t until afterward that the real festivities began, when Silvia helped Pepa remover her lipstick.

With her own lips.

I know precious few words in Spanish, but caliente is definitely one of them. Read more about in Pepa and Silvia in the forum thread here.

Now in its 11th season, All Saints is Australia’s answer to ER, with the familiar humongous cast, weekly medical mysteries, intra-hospital relationship drama and hot doctors holding clipboards.

In the recent episode”That Window in Time,” nurse Rhiannon diagnosed herself and determined she suffers from chronic Lesbianism. She promptly reported her findings to the hospital’s competent and complex lesbian physician, Dr. Charlotte Beaumont.

Watch for a snippet of the scene around 1:40 in this video recap of the episode.

All Saints fans already know actors Tammy MacIntosh (Dr. Beaumont) and Petra Jared (Rhiannon), but here they are for the rest of us:

Sci-fi fans may remember MacIntosh as Farscape‘s Jool, the surly teenage alien with the scream that melts metal, mood-ring hair, and abs for days.

Hopefully, viewers from down under will have more luck with Dr. Beaumont than we did with Dr. Kerry Weaver.