Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 23, 2008)

Meanwhile, in South America, Chilean broadcaster TVN is breaking new ground by airing the soap opera El Señor de la Querencia, which features lesbian characters in prime-time. Not only is it a first for Chile, but the two characters figure prominently in the series’ story arc, set in the 1920s, and do not appear to be part of a cheap ratings-grab stunt.

What? That really happens?

Lucrecia Santa Maria is a wealthy yet rebellious young butch played by Lorena Bosh, who enjoys smoking, drinking and a well-tailored tuxedo.

Much to her conservative mother’s dismay, Lucrecia also enjoys blowing off arranged marriages, driving cars, and a prostitute named Herminia, played by Begoña Basauri.

So far, Lucrecia and Herminia have had on-screen kisses for which Herminia didn’t even charge anything, so you know her feelings toward the rakish rebel are genuine.

Luckily for Chilean audiences, actors Basauri and Bosh have both said in interviews that their characters’ relationship will continue to evolve.

AE reader “Kathrine du Danemark” sent us a tip about a lesbian story line in a French romantic dramedy called Plus belle la vie. Its keywords include Extramarital Affair, Blackmail, Death, Adultery, Love, Secret Relationship and Gay Romance. What’s not to love?

France 3’s lesbionic contribution to broadcasting consists of blond beauty Rebecca Hampton playing Céline Frémont, a tragedy-prone executive, and smoldering Virginie Pauc taking on the role of newcomer Virginie Mirbeau.

Céline and Virginie are attracted to each other, but their relationship is complicated. Quelle surprise.

If it’s a French show with kissing, that makes it French kissing, right?

I can’t find a translated version of this episode, but who needs words when we all speak the international language of lesbian love?

by Dara Nai