Jorja Fox returning to Las Vegas, briefly

Jorja Fox is coming back to CSI. Fine, only for one episode. (I know, that was just mean, wasn’t it?) Sara Sidle will return for the ninth season opener in the fall, according to TV Guide.

(Spoilers for the eighth season finale ahead, so if you haven’t watched yet … what are you waiting for?) The report goes on to speculate that Sara will return to Las Vegas to mourn the death of her former colleague Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan). Of course, CSI producers went on to say Gary would be back as well and “not just in flashbacks.”

Uh, wouldn’t getting shot through the neck and once more for good measure mean he’d have to be back in a body bag? Or will they let him live just long enough for his colleagues, past and present, to hold vigil by his bedside? Or will CSI take a Ghost Whisperer route with his passing? I mean, I know it’s hard coming up with new storylines after nine seasons, but Touched By a CSI is not the way to go, in my humble opinion.

When Jorja left the show in November, she left the door open for guest appearances in the future. So it looks like she wasn’t kidding. Her return will no doubt clear up some lingering questions about the whole Grissom-Sara relationship. Are they still together, but just long-distancing it, or are they separated and single? I don’t know, but I sure hope they don’t use their mini-reunion as an opportunity to break out the silk robes again. Those things were just wrong.

So, are you excited to see Jorja back, albeit briefly? And how do you hope they handle her character’s return? In my dream scenario, Jorja hands over her lab coat to her CSI replacement Lauren Lee Smith, and then their eyes meet and … Hey, get your own fantasy – this one’s mine.