“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.7 “Mom vs. Mom”

Guess who’s coming to dinner — It’s been days and days since Peeler
ambushed Jackie and tried to win his job back. Unfortunately, his pitch
consisted of the ambitious but rarely successful two-pronged approach of groveling and
bitch-slapping. Jackie kept her cool, stood back, and watched Brian implode
in spectacular fashion all over the sidewalk.

It takes a certain kind
of jackassery to outdo Jackie Warner in the drama department. Kudos to you,
Brian Peeler, wherever you are.

Back at Sky Sport &
Spa, life goes on. Today, Jackie and Briana are hanging out in Jackie’s office
talking about how nervous they are. Jackie says her mind isn’t the finely honed
instrument it usually is; it must be nerves. Briana admits sheepishly she’s
nervous, too, but also excited.

What’s up? Is Jodie
Foster in the lobby, seeking a new, ripped body to go with her new life?

If only. A platinum blonde
comes bouncing into Jackie’s office, chomping on a big ol’ wad of gum. It’s Jesse’s
sister, Bethany, for no reason whatsoever. Jackie says hey, Bethany says hey. Jackie and Jesse share a
laugh over a family resemblance only they can see.

But that’s not the big
news. The big, bad news of the day is that Jackie’s right-wing, anti-gay, fundamentalist
mom is coming to town. Oh goodie.

Jackie: Listen to this little slice of
hell I’ve created for myself. Per usual, I’ve not had the guts to tell her … I
told her about Bri, but so briefly …
Jesse: Oh God.
Jackie: … And I’m like, [quickly] “I
have a girlfriend and she’s living with me.” And so, I completely passed
over it like that.

But wait, there’s more!

Jackie: So, she knows Bri is living
with me, but she doesn’t know that Bri’s family is coming to town and staying
at my house …
Briana: … tonight, as well.
Jesse: You’re all going to be in one

Work Out producers are truly grasping at straws-slash-inspired
this season.

Smug with the knowledge that
his family is drama-free, Jesse takes his sister outside on the deck and works
her out until they decide that shopping for purses for both of them would be way
more fun.