Jenna Elfman guest stars on “My Name is Earl”

Jaime Pressly might be a hot blonde in real life, but on My Name is Earl, she’s a Southern belle with some sass (and not really any class.) But she’s hilarious and plays her part perfectly, showing she has some range and doesn’t always have to play the pretty girl like when she was the captain of the cheerleading squad in Not Another Teen Movie.

However there will be someone donning bloomers on My Name is Earl soon: Jenna Elfman. Another hot blonde with hilarious acting abilities will join the show for one episode, according to E! Online. She’s playing a “cheer academy coach” but is said to have a flashback sequence to when she herself was a young teen, leading the squad.

Jenna is best known, of course, for playing Dharma on the sitcom, Dharma and Greg, but she has also played memorable roles in movies like Edtv and Can’t Hardly Wait (as the angel stripper) and on shows like Two and a Half Men.

Here’s hoping her character on Earl shows up more than once, with some sort of nostalgia problem that brings her back to her cheer days every five minutes. Maybe she happened to be on the squad with both of Earl’s leading women, Jaime and Alyssa Milano. A girl can dream.