“Dirt” goes six feet under

Gossip may sell on the newsstands (not to mention on the internet), but it appears FX isn’t buying it in primetime anymore. Dirt creator and star Courtney Cox announced that her series had been canceled while at a charity event Sunday.

The show ran two seasons on FX, though its second season was abridged by the Writers Strike. During its run it featured two prominent gay female characters. The first was lesbian drug dealer Garbo (Carly Pope). Her storyline involved a fairly graphic, accoutrement-enhanced sex scene with buyer/aspiring starlet Julia (Laura Allen).

The second was the much-hyped cameo by Jennifer Aniston as rival gossip maven for the season 1 finale. Aniston’s character, Tina Harrod, revealed that she and Courtney’s character, Lucy Spiller, had a “one-time” tryst years ago. (Or, perhaps four-time, but who is counting?) Her appearance included a same-sex kiss between the two. The smooch wasn’t much more than a peck. (And did they have to show the skeezy guy drooling about it afterward?) But at least the little butt pat Jennifer gave Courtney beforehand seemed sincere.

I was never a big fan of the series. I watched on-and-mostly-off during its first season and found the whole sordid affair a little too joyless for my taste. I like dark as much as the gal, but a show about gossip shouldn’t be this grim. I never got around to catching the shortened second season, thought The Linster reported that it was supposed to be a little lighter. (Apparently it didn’t help.)

So, did you dig Dirt (you knew that one was coming) while it was on the air? Will you miss it? Or should it be buried (you knew that one was coming, too)?