Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 27, 2008)

Actress Olivia Thirlby told New York magazine that the long-awaited Jack and Diane film she was set to star in alongside Juno co-star Ellen Page is stalled in pre-production because of Ellen’s career. The two were cast as lesbian werewolf girlfriends, and with Page’s role choices in the past, we had high hopes that this project would make us proud. Unfortunately, Ellen is sabotaging the film with her success.

Page (left) and Thirlby

Photo credit: Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Thirlby told New York:
“I mean, it’s half-animated and nonlinear and Ellen’s in a very high place right now and there’s just too much focus on her and her career for her to be able to go off and do some super-experimental flick.”

Last year, reports surfaced that the film lacked financing and that Page was attempting to rally support for it so that it could get made. Of course, this was before she was nominated for an Oscar. At any rate, where’s Power Up when you need them?


Cynthia Nixon told the New York Daily News this week that she will not be taking a trip to California anytime soon — at least not to marry her girlfriend Christine Marinoni. Like a true New Yorker, she said she plans on staying put and waiting for her own state to recognize gay marriage: “In an ideal world, we’d like to in New York, when it becomes legalized. Hopefully it won’t take 20 years.”

Hopefully Cynthia isn’t “saving herself” till she’s married. That could get painful!

“I’m kinda saving myself for Miley Cyrus.”
Katy Perry, straight singer/songwriter of “I Kissed a Girl,” who clearly liked Hannah Montana‘s scandalous Vanity Fair photo shoot

YOU’RE SO GAY, YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT YOU published a story by out music writer Caryn Brooks this week titled “What Makes a Gay Song?” The piece, along with a podcast, touches on the current True Colors Tour as well as other queer artists such as the Indigo Girls:

The Indigo Girls themselves are two gay ladies. But their songs rarely touch on gay topics. The Indigo Girls are not known for explicit anthems or same-gendered love songs. Yet so much about an Indigo Girls show is very gay.

Agreed, but what do the artists think? Tegan Quin comments in the podcast that she doesn’t think Tegan and Sara make gay music, and that she herself listens to queer artists like Tender Forever and The Blow, but also spun System of a Down when she was going through a harsh breakup.

Despite Tegan’s claims that her songs are without queerness, a True Colors concert attendee says otherwise:

My favorite gay song, no question is “Living Room” by Tegan and Sara. Because when I was a really major closet case, and was like a little bit obsessive of various really random girls in my life, I sort of imagined if I lived across from them, looking at them through their … bathroom and living room.

I’m thinking this doesn’t qualify as “gay” so much as “stalkerish.” Perhaps this fan also enjoys “Come to My Window.”

by Trish Bendix