Sarah Connor and company look ready to save the world, again

Sarah Connor is back. Well, almost. Fine, she’s not really back until Sept. 8, but to tide us over until then we have the new promo photos for the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, courtesy of the Sarah Connor Society. (Hat tip, Annie!) A quick warning though: proceed at your own risk if you are afraid of heights.

Lena Headey, Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker are a little close to the edge of that rooftop for my taste. Hello, vertigo trigger. I’m feeling a little woozy. And you know, shots like this really aren’t helping me with the dizziness.

I’m glad to see they made it off the rooftop. T:SCC added two new cast members this year. But from the looks of that window, they haven’t upgraded their accommodations. Apparently saving the world from killer robots doesn’t pay well enough to buy nice curtains. Lena looks rather cross about it. One word, honey: IKEA — you can save the world and save money.

Lena, Summer and Thomas are joined by returning actors Brian Austin Green (as Derek Reese), Richard T. Jones (as FBI agent James Ellison) and Garret Dillahunt (as Terminator Cromartie).

They will all be greeted by new series regulars Shirley Manson (as baddie high-tech company CEO Catherine Weaver) and Leven Rambin (as John’s new girlfriend Riley). How about them all together?

The ladies are kind of small in that shot. How about a close-up of each character, shall we?

Sarah Connor: I like that fighting the future involves lot of belts.

Cameron: Must…not…tug…zipper.

Catherine Weaver: Bad never looked so good.

Riley: When did that blonde from Gossip Girl join the cast?

Since we see Cameron in one piece in these promo shots, we must assume (an assumption, folks, not a spoiler) that she made it out of that Jeep. But is it just me or did she get an upgrade in the um, well, chest area? Bigger, faster, stronger indeed. Wait, wrong show.