Katie Holmes and Sigourney Weaver turn to “Stone”

I’m a sucker for shows about the paranormal. Ghost Whisperer? Check. Medium? Check. Blood Ties? Check. The fact that these shows star very sexy women is purely coincidental.

But I have mixed feelings about Eli Stone — not that the show has a shortage of gorgeous females. If you wondered what happened to Natasha Henstridge after Commander in Chief was canceled, wonder no more. Henstridge plays Taylor Wethersby, Eli’s ex-fiancée and fellow attorney. Such a pretty, um, face.

The unsettling thing about Eli Stone is that Eli’s prophetic visions are attributed to a brain aneurysm. When I stop to think that an aneurysm might allow someone to see into the future, I get all caught up in the concept of time and simultaneous dimensions and before long, I begin to believe that I have an aneurysm myself. So, rather than ponder whether Eli has an illness or a gift, let’s look ahead to two acclaimed guest stars for Eli Stone, Season 2.

First up: Katie Holmes will play an attorney on the Oct. 21 episode, marking her return to television. Rumor has it that she will be in one of the show’s trademark song-and-dance numbers.

Holmes is a friend of the show’s producer Greg Berlanti, who also produced Dawson’s Creek. Sure, the role is stunt casting, but I’ll be happy to see Katie on television again. I still miss Joey Potter.

On board for later in the season is everyone’s favorite alien fighter, Sigourney Weaver.

Weaver will play Eli’s therapist, who has a big task ahead trying to analyze the mind of a man who thinks God looks like George Michael. (Although, come to think of it, that’s better than George Burns.) I don’t know about you, but that deep, rich voice of hers could soothe my irrational fears any old day.

Are you an Eli Stone fan? What do you think of the show? Will these two high-powered guests get you watching?