Janeane Garofalo is keeping busy this hot American summer

It recently occurred to me that summer is almost over and I haven’t once watched Wet Hot American Summer. Once I gave myself the official summer’s end deadline of September to rent and watch the comedy gem, I started wondering what Janeane Garofalo is up to these days.

She’s definitely keeping busy. Last week, she participated in a staged reading of The Hills alongside Rachael Harris in Los Angeles. Garofalo played Lauren, and apparently did a flawless interpretation. (Harris played the evil Heidi.) The Los Angeles Times article about the show mentioned the actors might perform the reading once more in October, so if you’re in Hollywood, it sounds like a must-see.

Besides moonlighting as a reality star, she’s returning to her stand-up roots to perform all three nights of Seattle’s famous Bumbershoot this weekend. (What did you West Coasters do to deserve all this good fortune?)

If you’re a fan of 24, then you’ll see Garofalo return in 2009 as FBI Agent Janis Gold. I am thinking it might be a little too late for me to get into this show as I’ve missed, what, the past 72 hours?

I’ll have to wait for my Garofalo fix until her two films that are currently in post-production come to a theater near me. Comparing the two, I’m still not sure which I am more interested in seeing: For Better or for Worse which stars Garofalo alongside Rebecca Gayheart and Punky Brewster Soleil Moon Frye, or Labor Pains, which revolves around Lindsay Lohan playing a pretend pregnant woman so she doesn’t get fired from her job. While Garofalo isn’t the star of the latter, it actually sounds like she’d have a chance to steal every scene, just like she does in Wet Hot American Summer. (OK, I’ll get on top of that this long Labor Day weekend, or else I will no longer be a true Garofalo fan. Say it ain’t so!)