Michelle Rodriguez returns from the afterlife

Entertainment Weekly reported last week that Michelle Rodriguez will be reprising her role of disgraced LAPD cop Ana Lucia Cortez this season on Lost.

What’s that you say — she’s dead? Well, speculation on the Internet suggests she’ll return as a zombie (doubtful), as a hallucination (totally possible given the island’s maddening history) or as (drum roll please) a flashback.

Maybe the flashback is to occur in the second episode with Hurley as the main focus of the storyline. Chances are the big guy’s going to be kicking it with the ghosts of his Lost past. Perhaps Ana Lucia doesn’t even appear as a ghost — maybe Officer Cortez has some sort of scuffle with Hurley’s shady father, played by Cheech Marin.

On Lost, anything is possible. How do you think Ana Lucia will show up? Better yet, how should she show up?