I don’t want to wait: Life after “Dawson’s Creek”

Life after Dawson’s Creek has proven difficult for Dawson himself. It seems James Van Der Beek hasn’t done much in the way of film or regular TV to follow-up his leading role in the hit WB series. However, his former cast mates have all moved on, and this fall, they are appearing on both the small and big screens.

Katie Holmes, “Joey”

Holmes infamously married Tom Cruise and birthed baby Suri to much fanfare, but as far as her professional life goes, this month she’s trying her hand at Broadway as part of the cast of All My Sons. The show doesn’t open until Sept. 18, but with the company she’s keeping (her co-stars are John Lithgow, Patrick Wilson and Dianne Weist), it seems like a good career move for Dawson’s former BFF/lover.

Joshua Jackson, “Pacey”

The default bad boy of the Creek, Jackson plays a good guy on the new J.J. Abrams series, Fringe. But one thing his character has in common with his former role? Sarcastic humor and wit. The best of both teen drama and science-fiction worlds!

Michelle Williams, “Jen”

Williams’ personal life has been almost as public as Holmes’ since the untimely death of her ex-beau, Heath Ledger, last winter. However, the focus will hopefully return to her acting skills this fall with two new films that debuted at Cannes to positive reviews last May.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on Van Der Beek. He did appear on one episode of Ugly Betty last year, and one episode of How I Met Your Mother this year. Maybe his career will start to pick up once everyone reminisces about the rest of the cast and all of the moves they’ve made since 2003. If not, he’ll always have Varsity Blues.