“Running in Heels” will show “Marie Claire” under its covers

Is working at a women’s magazine all work and no play? Poor Ugly Betty hustles around the office at Mode to make everything just so, and Anne Hathaway‘s character turns into a materialistic wench while working at Runway in The Devil Wears Prada. It’s time to find out what really goes on, reality television style (that didn’t take too long, did it?).

Running in Heels is a new show that will debut in March. Featuring Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, the show will reportedly “follow different fashion and editorial employees at [Marie Claire] magazine, from the top editors down to the interns.” Oh, how I remember my glamorous life as an intern; working for free, paying my dues, hoping I will suddenly get asked to write a cover story. (Thankfully my internships were at music magazines, not in fashion.)

Advertising Age describes Running in Heels as such:

The show will follow the lives of the 15 members of the fashion and editorial staff. Each week, one or two employees will be spotlighted. Trailed in the office and on business trips, cameras will also follow them home, opening up their family and personal lives to viewers. The series shows staffers at work and traveling to high-fashion events while simultaneously planning their own weddings, dealing with domestic partners and caring for their children.

Domestic partners? Surely they can’t mean lesbians work at Marie Claire — or do they? Filming has just started, so there haven’t been many other details released just yet. My ideal episode: Nina Garcia teaches a budding lesbian intern how to write a story ala “10 Ways to Please Your Man.” Struggle ensues, Garcia steals a line from Heidi Klum‘s book and Aufs the poor intern. Said intern gets interviewed by AfterEllen.com and hired by Elle magazine in a twisted turn of events. Make it work!