Paging Janina Gavankar

As soon as I read that Janina Gavankar would be joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy this fall, I had to do it. I just had to hope that the salacious Seattle Grace staff would take her in under their wing, and she’d end up in an elevator with Sara Ramirez (sorry, Dr. Hahn).

Gavankar did her best as Papi on The L Word, but the part of a tipped-hat wearing Latina Shane didn’t sit well with the show’s fans, and she was ousted. However, this may be to the betterment of Grey’s, one can only hope.

Ganvakar will play an intern, and we all know what happens to interns — they become part of the drama, and eventually, part of the staff. But producers haven’t gotten that far just yet, as her role and longevity on the show have yet to be decided.

Please, for the love of the Goddess, Shonda: do not give her a hat!