“Weeds” mini-cap: Taking names

“Till We Meet Again” was fantastic TV. Wow. Was anyone else as speechless as I was by the end of the episode? I had trouble sleeping after seeing it!

Weeds has always found a decent balance between its no-apology, take no prisoners satirical style and its dramatic points but clearly, it is a comedy — until this episode. This was fine drama with a few laughs tossed in.

The primary plot point was the fallout of Nancy telling DEA Captain Till about the tunnel. She struck a deal asking for complete anonymity. I guess if Esteban wasn’t the mayor, the plan probably could have worked. But he is, and it didn’t.

Till agreed to keep any type of focus off of Nancy. He was getting a chance at Guillermo and seemed happy with that prize. He sent his own gay boyfriend, Agent Shlatter, into the maternity store acting as a married man looking at maternity clothes with his wife. Nancy casually tapped the door of the office to alert Shlatter to the room with the tunnel.

The following evening, when Sanjay is closing up the DEA enters the store, guns are drawn. This scene was juxtaposed with Nancy at Esteban’s having a sweet and intimate evening. Nancy sees pictures of Esteban’s daughters and asks about them. Esteban speaks with such sincere care and concern about them that it becomes harder to accept that he did know about the underage girl trafficking in the tunnel. He tells Nancy that such trafficking of girls will not occur again. As they start to get more intimate, Nancy asks Esteban if he loves her. He smiles.

At the maternity store, the DEA and Guillermo’s men are engaged in a gun battle, bullets everywhere. Guillermo and Ignacio, the man who has been guarding the tunnel in Nancy’s store, smartly flee down the tunnel and run to the Mexican side where the Mexican federal agents are waiting. There’s confusion as to whom has jurisdiction and where exactly Mexico begins and the U.S. ends. That scene ends with Guillermo and Ignacio in Mexican custody.

Back at Esteban’s, he and Nancy are interrupted with news of “red licorice” which must be the code phrase for all hell has broken loose in the tunnel. Esteban tells her that it’s really bad. Nancy already knew that.

The next day, Nancy and Esteban both on separate phones, try to calm down their people. They tell their charges not to worry and that things will be OK and it’ll all work out. Esteban knew this to be true, but Nancy could only hope that it was true. Esteban began to ask Nancy about her lesbian lover Celia and if she could have been the informant, or perhaps, gay Sanjay. Nancy takes offense and wonders why Esteban is targeting her people. Esteban tells her that his people would never talk. Nancy asks if he’s suspicious of her. He playfully wonders if he should be. My heart sort of sunk. He tells her that the answer to her question the day before is yes. He loves her. Uh oh.

A news conference is held with Captain Till as well as Mayor Esteban. Esteban tells the fine citizens that this was a joint effort and that whoever is responsible for the tunnel and drug running will be prosecuted to the full extent. I think he meant persecuted.

When Esteban returns to the limo, Cesar has a report from the Mexican agents. Cesar is told to look through it thoroughly and do what he needs to do to find the informant.

On the U.S. side, Till meets with Nancy and tells her that he’ll arrest then release her to make it look good. Guillermo and Ignacio apparently had been handed over to the U.S. in some deal but Till now wanted to know the name of Guillermo’s boss. Nancy plays dumb. Till tells her that he has her covered on the U.S. end but that they “play a harder game down south.”

Cesar and a henchman are using the body shop sander to the face of someone asking him to name the informant listed in the report. The person being tortured is Agent Shlatter. After more threats of sanding, Shlatter finally gives Nancy up and then Cesar shoots and kills him. It was eerie.

This being the second to the last episode of the season, all the story lines are dangling. Of course, nothing is as dramatic as Nancy’s plight, but what ever is? So, also in this episode, Maria seduces Andy. Surprise! Guilty Andy really wants to handle this in a mature way and comes clean with Doug, who seems to be hurt by the news but handles the rejection pretty well — until Andy and Maria leave his apartment. Doug immediately calls Immigration on Maria.

Isabelle’s losing respect for Shane. She sees him as a follower. When Shane tells the groupies that he’s going to get pot for them, Isabelle tells Shane that she’s reconsidering sleeping with guys because they become your puppet afterward. The groupies think Isabelle being a dyke is sort of cool.

Shane goes to the cheese shop for pot from Silas because the groupies want to get high. Silas, alas, acts like a decent big brother and says no. He tells his little brother to go on back to school and that he’s too young for all of this. Shane takes it anyway.

While Celia sits through another 12-step session with her other-side-of-the-tracks drug treatment group, she has an epiphany upon hearing one woman’s horror story. Celia tells the group that she realizes that they’re all losers and will never get their lives together and that she actually can, so she leaves treatment. She makes amends with Isabelle and then tries with Dean, but she just can’t because she really does hate him. She also promises to get in touch with her oldest daughter to make amends with her. Is that a Season 5 storyline I smell?

Tonight is the season finale. If the finale is a fraction as well written as this episode, we’re in for a good send-off. What will happen to Nancy?