Once more with feeling, yet again, “Buffy” fans

It’s been off the air for a few years, but Buffy lives on for many of us. Give your fantasies a soundtrack and get the newly released Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Score.

There are 29 tracks of scores from Seasons 2 through 5, including the Emmy-winning “Massacre” from Season 2’s “Becoming.” These emotional scores are composed by Christophe Beck, and feature guitar, viola, woodwinds and vocals. Slap this on your iPod, dress up in your best Buffy wear and defend against the forces of darkness, or at least look mysterious and nibble on your girlfriend’s neck. (Hey, light a few candles and you could get lucky.)

Seriously, if you’re a big Buffy fan, you need this collection from Rounder. C’mon, I know you already own Once More With Feeling and all of the DVDs.

How ‘bout it, Buffy fans? Do you plan to get the soundtrack?