TV Alert: “The Bonnie Hunt” show hosts Alyson Hannigan

I love, love, love Bonnie Hunt.

In case you have a real job, you may have missed the fact that Hunt has a new daytime talk show that started last week on NBC. I was worried the first day because things were a little rough, but Hunt has settled into a groove and The Bonnie Hunt Show has become must-record TV for me. The show is mostly unscripted to play to Hunt’s improvisation talents. So far, the results have been very funny. One of the best was a segment with Cloris Leachman.

Friday is a perfect time to start recording the show, as Hunt’s guest is Alyson Hannigan, who seems to get more gorgeous every time I see her.

Elmo is also a guest Friday, so check your local listings for the time and set that DVR. I bet you’ll love Bonnie, too.