Sarah Lafleur makes a play for “Ugly Betty”

I have to confess to taking the will-she-choose-Gio-or-Henry cliffhanger on last season’s Ugly Betty finale fairly seriously. Once I became a full-on Betty fan, it was hard not to fully invest myself in such Betty quandaries, so I was doubly pleased by the Kelly Taylor pick-between-Brandon-and-Dylan redux in Thursday’s season premiere: Betty, head held typically high, chooses herself!

More exciting for the coming Ugly BettyMode-land guest stars that Ugly Betty features. Most recently, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello Files, Sarah Lafleur of ESPN’s Playmakers, is set to join the ranks of previous guest stars and cameos by Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Campbell, Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia.

EW notes that Lafleur’s recurring character, Molly, will not only be fiancée to Meade’s CFO, but also a potential new crush for Daniel. Ugly Betty love triangles are oh-so-catty and deliver the over-the-top factor that fans have signed up for (even when they involve the slooowly developing and sometimes underwhelming character of Daniel), so I, for one, am excited about the prospect.

Lafleur, who also had stints on the sets of Grey’s Anatomy and CSI:NY, played Beth Havens on the short-lived ESPN football drama Playmakers, a character who dated Eric Olczyk, the show’s middle linebacker. What she’ll bring to the glossy set and always unexpected antics of Bettyverse, one can only wonder; at least, I can only wonder.

Any hardcore Lafleur or Playmakers fans out there want to venture a guess?