“Ab Fab” is getting an American makeover (again)

My general understanding of why makeovers exist is for the purpose of taking something that could use a little improvement and, well, improving upon it. With that concept in mind, I was bemused when I found out that the Fox Broadcasting Company is going to be remaking Absolutely Fabulous.

That’s right, the hugely successfully British sitcom is coming to America (Los Angeles, to be specific). Again.

Although the location will be very different, the basic plot will stay the same, following the shenanigans of two 40-year-old, booze-loving best friends obsessed with trends, image … and did I mention booze?

Maybe you guys can help me because I don’t know what to make of this news. On one hand, I love the characters of Patsy and Edina and to see them in action again would be dreamy. On the other hand, how could a different version of an already perfect show be better? It’s like when they tried to improve upon the flavor of Coke all those years ago with “New Coke” — was it any more delicious? (I’ll let the more than 10-year absence of the beverage speak to that question.)

I know it’s cynical, but I have huge reservations that anyone could play Eddie and Pats better than Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

If pressed to think of a cast that could muster as much chemistry as the fabulous original players, I would have to pick a dream cast. In which case I think the following actresses would be a good start:

Edina: Megan Mullally

If you have seen Megan Mullally as Karen Walker on Will and Grace, you know that this lady can play a great drunk.

Patsy: Kim Cattrall

The key to my casting seems to be picking actresses who have played characters that have had their share of drinks. That principle in mind, we all know that Kim Cattrall has had many, many cosmos on Sex and the City. And I can definitely see her deliver the lines “sweetie” and “darling” better than anyone.

Saffie: Jenna Fischer

I know Jenna Fischer has a pretty successful gig on the The Office, but perhaps if tempted she would be open to playing dual roles. She is a perfect fit to play the loveable but prudish Saff.

Bubbles: Cameron Diaz

OK, it’s a long shot. I know Cameron Diaz has a big movie career and is an A-list star, but look what TV has done for Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick and Holly Hunter. Come on, Cameron — we know you are great at playing silly. (We’ve seen you dance in your underoos on Charlie’s Angels, after all.) I think Bubbles would be right up her alley.

There is a small ray of hope for this American remake. Jennifer Saunders (Eddie) will be on board as executive producer, so the series will definitely be in good hands. Other attempts at remaking the series have failed in the past, but with Saunders at the wheel I think the show will finally get its fair shake to succeed in America. The key will definitely lie in the casting of the series. Whether Jennifer Saunders reads this blog and heeds my advice or decides to go off and choose her own cast (which, Jen, you are more than welcome to do), I will reserve judgment of the show and pray for the best. Until then, I have my original Ab Fab episodes on DVD to keep me bloody happy.

I’m no casting agent (clearly), but what do you think of these suggestions? Who would you like to see fill these shoes?