Sappho Cosmetics: Lipstick lesbians have a new favorite brand

Makeup isn’t just for lipstick lesbians anymore — it’s also for eye shadow, concealer, blush and powder lesbians, too. And, heck, non-lesbians are welcome to give it a try, too.

The makeup artist for The L Word, JoAnn Fowler, has launched a new chemical-free line of cosmetics with a little help from her famous friends. [Hat tip, Kleewyck2!]

L Word stars Mia Kirshner and Jennifer Beals were on hand for the launch of Sappho Cosmetics. The products include foundation, eye shadow, eye liners, lipsticks, glosses, blushes and powders in a variety of styles and hues. Color lines include Je Suis Mia, Luscious Leisha, Ravishing Rachel, Kate, Generous Jennifer and Provocative Pam. Wait, Kate Moennig doesn’t get an adjective?

The makeup all meets the European Union’s stricter requirements for safe cosmetics and are 100 percent chemical free and not tested on animals. Organic ingredients like jojoba, frankincense and lavender oil are used for preservatives. Heck, even the packaging uses recycled paper.

I applaud (more like a standing ovation) the line’s healthy, environmental approach to beauty, but, um, Sappho? Seriously, Sappho? As in the Greek poet whose name has become synonymous with lesbians everywhere — that Sappho?

While the company hasn’t explicitly targeted the lesbian community in its marketing so far, the name plus use of The L Word actresses in product names screams easy, breezy, lesbian.

Might I suggest more companies take such a direct approach to marketing to gay women? Come to Lesbo Depot for all your home improvement projects. Or try on Dykenstocks, the most sensible of sensible shoes. And, of course, Codependent Movers when U-Haul simply isn’t fast enough.

Sappho Cosmetics are currently only available online. So, are you sold on Sappho? And, what gives, no Chapstick? I feel so left out.