“America’s Next Top Model” 11.12 “The Final Five”

After two weeks of being in the bottom two, lesbian model Elina was eliminated on tonight’s episode, “The Final Five.”

Consistently referred to as being “too controlled,” the judges were shocked to recall that the model hopeful was only 18-years-old because she wasn’t going “crazy” enough in her shoots.

Upon eliminating her, Tyra said, “You’re the edgy one with tattoos!” and compared Elina’s business suit attire to her composure. Suddenly, it all clicked for Elina, and she let go (OK, not really, but she does like to edit the show so that we’d think so, doesn’t she?). Elina did, however, do a couple of growls while whipping her hair around her head. Too little, too late.

But I’m getting ahead of myself as, of course, the other models matter too. It was the go-see episode (or as Paulina referred to it, “the go-and-see” episode) that happens every cycle. The girls had to visit clients by boat in Amsterdam and confusion and stressful situations ensue (except for McKey, but then she shows up late so she probably should have been a little more attentive to the time).

Completely out of character (I hope your sarcasm detectors are up), Marjorie freaks out and acts nervous and scared of the clients. They, in turn, are scared of the idea of working with such a wreck, despite her amazing photos. Poor Marjorie — do none of these girls have a Xanax to lend her? I guess not — it’s a competition, after all.

Elina did OK on her go-sees, except that the designers weren’t too keen on her tattoos. Apparently, Amsterdam isn’t up to date on the wonders of make-up or airbrushing.

It appears that Elina isn’t missing out on the rest of the competition, however. Next week: a challenge in which the girls must make out with a male supermodel. Something tells me that wouldn’t have been the challenge where she lost control.