“Gossip Girl” mini-cap: Fashion crashing

I believe what Jenny did, by crashing Bart and Lily’s boring charity event, is called making a fashion statement. Her statement was so loud that it screamed at Dan that he’s too cautious and yelled at Rufus that he’s not in charge.

Last week’s episode, “There Might Be Blood,” had most of the characters’ blood either racing or boiling. Jenny and her new BFF, Agnes, plot a guerilla fashion show. This should not be confused with a gorilla fashion show where large hairy beasts walk around in Jenny’s dresses (which might have been more fun than the actual show), but rather it’s a plot to hijack an already planned event and have an impromptu fashion show.

Dan and Nate stumble upon Jenny’s plan early on, and Jenny begs her self-righteous brother not to spill the beans to Rufus. Dan’s not sure what to do so he leaves to consult with Vanessa while Nate stays behind to do what exactly? Oh, right, to drive Jenny and Agnes to the event they’re not invited to.

Vanessa admits to Dan that she thinks it’s great that Jenny is taking a risk for something she’s passionate about. Rufus overhears the conversation and the three go back to the loft to talk with Jenny. When they arrive, Jenny is leaving with Agnes and Nate. Rufus and Dan feel good that at least Nate is there to talk some sense into Jenny. Vanessa still has feelings for Nate, but she also knows that Nate’s not always on the correct side of moral judgment.

We see Serena is charmed by Aaron, but she’s confused by him, too. She sees him early in the day and tries to invite him to a big charity gala honoring Lily and Bart that evening, but some girl shows up acting a little too friendly with Aaron in front of Serena, so Serena doesn’t follow through with the date offer. Later in the episode, Aaron even sends Serena the licorice ring that they exchanged years ago in summer camp. It’s really hard for Serena to figure out Aaron’s connection to these women and his motivations with her. It’s hard for me, too. Who is this guy?

Blair’s blood boils over when Serena drags her along to a meeting Serena has with a bigwig Yale donor couple. Serena tries to figure out a way that would allow Blair to shine so she offers Blair to babysit the Yale donor’s 15 year-old daughter. Serena swears that she would help, too, except her mother and Bart are being presented an award at the gala and Serena has to attend.

Immediately after the donors leave, their daughter, Emma, makes it clear that she’s not staying home and wants to lose her virginity before some friend of hers does. Yay! A lose-your-virginity competition! It’s all the rage.

Blair takes Emma over to Serena’s, and they try to trick Emma into thinking that the hottest young guys in NYC will be at the gala. But when Emma roams out of Serena’s room, she runs into Chuck, who tells her that the gala is really a bunch of oldies, so she leaves with Chuck in hopes that he will be her first.

Before Blair and Serena learn that Emma is gone, Serena tells Blair how beautiful she is and Blair calls Serena “love.” So, sweet. (Make this happen Gossip Girl!) The sweetness doesn’t last long because Blair and Serena realize that Emma left with Chuck. Blair is horrified thinking that Chuck, of all people, might end up being Emma’s first. When Chuck returns home, he admits that nothing happened and that Emma is at some club still searching for a guy. Blair blames Serena and Chuck for the mess she’s in and drags them with her to find Emma.

The charity gala honoring Lily and Bart is underway. The event is being covered by the press, which is one reason Jenny and Agnes thought it would be the best event to take over. When Jenny arrives, it hits her that the event is for Lily, someone she knows and respects. Jenny admits that the end will justify the means if she can pull it off so there’s no turning back. Nate tosses on a tux that Jenny brought and conveniently acts as her escort, giving Jenny a legit reason for being there when she’s politely confronted by Lily.

Overwhelmed with emotion and anticipation, Nate and Jenny kiss and their picture is immediately sent to Gossip Girl. Dan and Rufus still have no idea where Jenny is, but Dan checks Gossip Girl and sees the Jenny-Nate picture and gets all tightly wound. At least he knows where they are.

Meanwhile, Blair, Serena and Chuck get to the crowded bar and watch as Emma slips out with some guy. Blair sees her future at Yale circling down the toilet — until she sees Emma’s mother at the same bar making out with some dude that’s not her husband. Blair’s back in the driver’s seat! Serena convinces Blair that they should still try to find Emma because it’s the right thing to do. For Blair, it’s easier taking the moral high ground now that she has solid blackmail material to work with.

Blair gets to the guy’s apartment and tells Emma that her friend already lost her virginity so the game is over. Chuck arranged for Gossip Girl to post the lie on her website.

Blair has a heart-to-heart with Emma about wanting sex to be special and not some form of competition, and Emma admits that her mother is very absent as a parent. Blair sees herself in Emma. She takes Emma home, and the mother gives Blair a tongue lashing but rather than show the woman the blackmail picture, Blair just tells her that she needs to tune in to her kid.

Back at the gala, Rufus shows up looking for Jenny. Seriously, does Rufus crash ALL of Lily’s events?

The guerilla show starts, and the folks there love the daring and bold nature of the show. They oooh and awww and give wild applause. Jenny’s show is a complete hit!

Maybe because Nate recognizes a meal ticket when he sees one, he kisses Jenny again, but this time Vanessa sees them and runs out. Jenny ditches Nate to run after Vanessa.

Rufus is so upset at Jenny’s incorrigibility that he tries to have the police arrest her. But Lily makes it clear that she won’t press charges and that she admired Jenny’s spunk.

Serena and Blair apparently sleep together that night (Come on! Where are the pictures Gossip Girl?) because they wake up in Serena’s bed in their nightgowns. Serena’s proud of Blair for not showing the donor the picture. Blair thinks her Yale dream is over, but wait — she gets a call from Yale.

Aaron also stops by Serena’s and, rather than explaining who all these women are, he wants to know if Serena is interested in him and if they can make a go of those feelings.

Back in Brooklyn, after watching Jenny take a mega risk and succeed and learning that his submitted writings were not well-received by the Yale faculty, Dan rethinks submitting the Chuck story.

In the end, we see that Jenny has run away and Nate is running, too. He mails a letter addressed to Jenny. Dan mails his Chuck Bass manuscript to his ex-mentor, and things are guaranteed to get ugly. Yay!

What is Aaron’s story? Anyone else feel bad for Vanessa? She’s had a tough three weeks. And is Dan about to butt heads and lose with Chuck?

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