“Once Upon a Time” recap (4.10): Calm Before the Storm

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Ingrid froze Anna and Kristoff after tricking Anna into trapping Elsa in the magical urn, Gold stole Hook’s heart as part of his mission to get divorced from the Dark One’s dagger, and Madame Scoops cast the Spell of Shattered Sight so she can shake things up and have Elsa and Emma all to herself.

In Storybrooke Forest, Madame Scoops is watching the Spell of Shattered Heterosexualityer, I mean Sight wash over the land. Gold shows up beside her, and compliments her on a job well done.

OUAT 410-1Good vs. Evil…wait, no Evil vs. Beautiful Evil (Yes, I blurred Rumple out.) 

The spell will hit at sundown and will bring out the darkness in everyone so they will tear each other limb from limb like rabid wolves. Gold knows that there’s a way to pick and choose who is affected by this curse, since he’s sure Emma and Elsa will be spared, and threatens her into putting Belle and Henry under the same shatter-proof umbrella.

Every growing Team Charming uses binoculars to check out the spell cloud rolling in, conveniently visible and moving at a controlled pace. Regina calculates its ETA as sundown and Emma has a simple plan: Get the hell out of dodge before sundown. Of course, it would never be that easy, and the ice wall is still standing strong along the border of Storybrooke. David decides to try to climb it, but as soon as he strikes it with his ice pick, it sprouts new icy stalagmites sprout up like new heads on a decapitated hydra.

In the new ice rubble, Elsa finds Anna’s necklace buried in the snow, and takes it as a good sign. Regina rolls her eyes and fears this “hope” thing is spreading like a disease. Emma runs with it and starts giving people tasks. She wisely puts her parents in charge of the one thing they probably can’t mess up: telling people to get as far from their loved ones as possible. Hook is to see if they can escape by boat. Regina is going to warn Robin Hood and his Merry Men (still sans Mulan) and plans on taking Henry with him, but Emma protests. Elsa points out that Emma and her are immune to the spell, but Regina points out that this means the blondes are the Ice Queen’s main focus. This wins her custody of Henry for the duration of the episode.

OUAT 410-2I wish Henry had forced them to group hug.

Emma and Elsa go to visit Belle, who is still not allowed to come out and play, but has been at least useful in her captivity. She found a possible vaccine for the Spell of Shattered Sight, but it would require someone who has already been through it. Conveniently, Anna has been under and survived the curse. Inconveniently, they still have no idea where she is. Elsa cheerfully holds out Anna’s necklace; she is already a professional at using a locator spell, so she now knows how to find her sister.

Now that they’re closer to actually finding her, Emma points out what we thought they all forgot: Emma was time traveling when she accidentally brought the urn back to Storybrooke; 30 years will have passed for Anna during what felt like a few weeks (days? months?) to Elsa. Elsa doesn’t care if her sister is a 90-year-old grandmother, she just wants Anna back.

In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff melt and realize that the urn is gone, which means Elsa is gone. She finds some golden straw on the ground, since apparently Rumpelstiltskin is new at the whole “don’t leave clues behind” thing, and knows the Dark One is involved somehow. Before they can say Rumpelstiltskin three times, the door bursts open and Hans and his brothers stroll in, singing of treason and claiming that he’s the rightful king now. Kristoff and Anna offer their arms for handcuffs but as soon as the brutes are an arm’s length away, they start kicking ass and taking names.

OUAT 410-3Can we keep the “Frozen” crew in 4b? I like them. They’re actually useful.

They eventually best Hans and his crew and run off.