“The Fall” Recap (2.3): Get on the elevator, you idiot

Previously on The Fall: Rose is still alive in the trunk (for now). Katie is an idiot teenager (redundant). Annie needs a new therapist (immediately). Burns is not helping (at all). Stella is pissed with everyone who sucks at their jobs (which is a lot of people). Paul is screwed because they know his name (and still creepy).

A shadowy figure is walking out of the woods alone. Oh, dear. Remember when I said Rose was still alive? We my have to revise that. Paul Spector hits the road, puts his hoodie up and starts jogging. We could get into a long sociological discussion about how suspicious a good-looking white male with his hoodie up may or may not look to the outside world here. But he apparently feels comfortable enough to just jog away like he hasn’t totally murdered yet another woman. 


He runs up to a house on a country road and comes upon a car in the driveway. So naturally he puts on his I’m-about-to-kill-someone gloves and goes to check things out. The car is unlocked and inside is the most terrifying thing we’ve seen all season: a baby. OK, fine, so the baby itself isn’t necessarily terrifying. But the sight of Paul ominously cootchie-cooing the baby is pretty terrifying. 

DSI Stella Gibson is looking over a list of brainstormed motives of the killer’s killings. They range from sexual problems to physical abuse, head trauma to–my personal favorite and current frontrunner–demon seed. 


ACC Jim Burns walks in on Stella in his hangdog way. Is he ever going to be useful on this case? Stella notices DCI Matt Eastman, who had investigated James Olson’s murder, in the office and asks why he is there. Burns tells her he is her new deputy SIO on the case. So many acronyms, people. You’re making me do so much Googling. Eastwood is the senior investigating officer on the case now, to help out. 

Stella is none to pleased, because office politics suck and we all know it. But she goes over to make nice and welcome him to the team anyway. As she turns to leave the look on her face says, “Great, another male ego to stroke. It’s not like I’m trying to catch a fucking killer or anything.” 


Paul is now driving the car that previously held the baby. Luckily, said wee infant is still in the driveway as its panicked mother runs out to find it crying in the abandoned car seat. Also, I don’t care how far in the country you live, never leave a baby alone in a car with the car unlocked. Unless you’re trying to get rid of said baby. But that’s a whole different crime show.

Stella leads the team progress meeting on the case. Operation Musicman will now be focusing on one sole suspect, instead of a myriad of possible Professor Harold Hills. His name is Paul Spector and the rest of this season will be about how the police department avoids arresting him–I’m assuming.