“Arrow” recap (3.8): Flash, bang, boom(erang)

Well hello there. This week was a very special week for Arrow, because it had a two-day, two-hour crossover event with The Flash. So before we get into this week’s Arrow episode, I’ll give you a mini-recap of The Flash, as it pertains to Team Arrow.

The reason for this crossover event is that Team Arrow’s investigation into the Boomerang killer that appeared in Starling City last week lead them to Central City. Barry is excited to see them, and could use a little help on on his team, too. Oliver is reluctant to mix the two teams; partly because he’s a big grump sometimes, but partly because he doesn’t want more people knowing his secret identity. Felicity wins, though, and Barry picks her up and flashes her to Star Labs. However, when they get there, Felicity’s shirt burns right off.

Arrow 308-1Think Barry could teach me that trick?

The Star Labs crew give Felicity a shirt and she hands over the boomerang to be examined.

Oliver, finally relenting to this whole helping thing, tells Barry he’s going to train him. He starts off by scoffing at the goofy nicknames they give their enemies, but Barry points out that Deathstroke and The Huntress aren’t exactly found in a book of baby names. Their training session gets off to a rocky start, since Barry is cocksure and over-reliant on his powers and Oliver is cocksure and over-reliant on his experience.

Back at the labs, Caitlin and Felicity nerd out together and Caitlin muses how nice it is to have another woman to talk to. Felicity agrees, but if you listen closely you can hear one of her still-healing wounds split open as her mind surely flickered to days spent in the Arrow Cave with Sara nearby.

With the two teams working together, they find the metahuman terrorizing the city and stop him, though not before Barry gets infected with meta-rage and there is an extremely cool Flash vs. Arrow battle. Eventually everything works out and they lock the metahuman in their superjail. Oliver says his serious goodbyes and Felicity translates that this means they were happy to work together and would love to do it again soon. Before they leave, Felicity asks Caitlin if she would be able to isolate DNA from a sample, and Caitlin says she is willing and able, officially making her part of Operation Justice for Sara.

Arrow 308-2Caitlin has serious heart-eyes for Felicity.

After Felicity and Oliver say their goodbyes to Barry and Iris at the Central City coffee shop, they run into a woman who Oliver seems to know. And from their slightly awkward interaction, surely even Felicity can tell that it wasn’t Arrow Oliver that knew her, but spoiled rich boy Oliver Queen who did. Now, you, like Oliver, might recognize this woman. Perhaps you recognize her as Berlin from Defiance, but more importantly you should recognize her as the unnamed woman that Flashback Oliver got pregnant while he was dating Laurel; the same woman who Moira paid off to tell Oliver she had a miscarriage then never talk to Oliver ever again. After Oliver and this woman (who is named Sandra based on Anna Hopkins‘ IMDb page, but not yet named in the show, I don’t think) part ways, she calls a child and promises them hot chocolate, meaning she is raising Oliver Queen’s secret illegitimate child.

Arrow 308-3Baby mama drama.

OK! That’s all you need to know about what happened on The Flash. If you’re not watching that show, start. It’s cute and fun and hopefully there will be more Arrow crossovers in the future.