“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.7): Restaurant Wars

Over on Team Melissa, chef Doug proposes that their restaurant be family style. The other chefs seem into it, except Adam who feels he doesn’t have enough experience with that style of service. Sorry Adam, they gon’ do it anyway. All the chefs on Team Katie cook with different international influences, so Gregory suggests a global menu. Katsuji wonders if that’s going to be cohesive enough, and I have to say I agree with him.

The teams go to pick out their decor and everyone thinks Katsuji has bad taste. Meanwhile, Melissa finds four little pigs, thus naming their restaurant “Four Pigs.” She also makes some adorable snorting noises, so. They keep shopping and Adam is sort of freaking out. He keeps barking out numbers and running around the store, while the rest of the team just kind of watches like, “You OK, bro?”

Next, each team splits up to get foodhalf going to Restaurant Depot and half to Whole Foods. There is no pork shoulder at Whole Foods, so Doug ends up getting pork at the Depot. He also thinks it’s odd that Gregory isn’t the executive chef for his team, but he’s not mad about it because he thinks Katie seems weak.

The chefs get back to the kitchen to prep. Team Katie’s restaurant is called “Magellan” after the explorer, because he was searching the world for spices. Or something. It’s cute, but I’m still not sold on the global menu as a concept. So far, I’ve heard that they’re making beets, pork with hoisin, crab, hamachi, salsa, and crepes. IDK, y’all. Katsuji messes with Doug about being the executive chef a bit, and it’s kind of adorable.

photo4 Actual Katsuji quote: “Good for you, little thing. Good for you.”

Doug is making pork that’s stewing in PBR, which Adam calls out as being “Portland Hipster.” He’s not wrong, but have you looked at yourself man? Pot, Kettle, and all that. The rest of their menu sounds really deliciousscallops and brussel sprouts and some kind of berry dessert, among other things.

Keriann is making her crepes ahead of time, which I just don’t get. I totally understand that as FOH you want your dish to be idiot-proof for your team to execute, but this is taking it a little far. Pre-made crepes sound pretty gross. Katsuji’s like, “Welp, I could definitely make those to order for her tomorrow, but I’m not going to offer. Fuck bitches, get money.” It’s actually kind of refreshing to hear someone on Top Chef be honest and admit that they only care about themselves. Usually, they’re all squirrely, like, “Oh, was she making her crepes ahead of time? Heavens, I didn’t see. I would’ve offered, butwell, you know, she could’ve asked.”

Morning of the WAR (please read the word WAR in a really aggressive, dramatic voice), the chefs are having last minute chats. Let’s take a moment and appreciate Melissa’s bandana/headband thing (and also the look on Doug’s face):

photo5I’m into it.