“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.7): Restaurant Wars

The chefs arrive and start prepping. Keriann works with the waitstaff to get their space ready, and it seems to be going smoothly. On the other side, Adam is running around and putting clamshells in the dishwasher to make sure his dish is ready. When he gets down to work with his service team, he commands them like a general, and lets them know exactly how many seconds away the kitchen is (27, if you were wondering).

Mei and Melissa are working together in the kitchensomething about frozen butter and flaky biscuits, I thinkbut I had trouble listening because SQUEEEE MAYBE THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS?! Mei even calls Melissa her homie (aww), and hopes it’s the two of them at the end. ME TOO, MEI. ME TOO. (Sorry, Gregory.)


Doug interrupts Adam right in the middle of his riveting description of ramp/shallot paste (not even making that up) to let him know that they can’t find his clamshells. DRAMA. They must’ve been thrown awaytotal bummer. Adam keeps looking around the kitchen for a bit, just hoping that they will magically apparate in front of him. This isn’t the Hogwarts kitchen, though, so Doug gets him to move on and clean some more clams.

Meanwhile, it turns out maybe things did not go as smoothly as I thought with Keriann and Team Magellan’s waitstaff, because no one seems to know what the fuck they’re supposed to do.

The diners start to arrive and, lo and behold, chefs Kristen (Kish) and Stephanie (Cmar) are part of the super special credit card VIP group! I take back whatever I said about them before, they’re obviously wonderful, beautiful, intelligent people.


Padma gets feisty with the host at Four Pigs. Girl, I’ll get you a table anywhere. The judges are served their first course and, overall, seem to be happy with Adam’s clam and Mei’s chicken liver toast. If you were wondering about the salt level, don’t worry! Chef Tom tells us that it’s seasoned “right up to the edge.” You can always count on good ole Tom for some salt real talk.

Service is not going very well on the Magellan side. The servers seem to have no idea which table is which, and some tables are getting duplicate orders. Things are also getting hectic for them in the kitchen, and there’s no cohesive connection between back and front of house. Shit is fucked, basically.

Adam is killing it at Four Pigsthe judges even comment on how happy everyone looks. They’re served the entrees: Doug’s pork and beans, Melissa’s scallop with radish salad, and Mei’s brussel sprouts. The Brussel sprouts are a little too acidic. They love Doug’s pork, and he’s doing an awesome job expediting. They like the scallop, but some people find it too salty.

photo8Padma, I love you, but you may be overreacting a little.

The two teams could not be more different in terms of service. The chefs on Team Four Pigs are communicating well and things in the kitchen are running smoothly. Team Magellan, however, is struggling hard. Katie seems to be trying to set things right, but everyone else is just kind of plodding through.