“Once Upon A Time” recap (4.11): Their Best Worst Selves

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Ingrid and her sisters had special yellow ribbons to bond them but then Ingrid committed accidental sestracide with her ice powers and her other sister put her in an urn for punishment and erased all of Arendelle’s memories of her. This turned her into a cleavage-happy sociopath who owned one dress and cast the Spell of Shattered Sight on Storybrooke.

We begin in Boston, 1982, where Ingrid had been plopped by the Sorcerer in her quest for new sisters. She spots a psychic and pops in for further instructions, paying with her giant snow crystal necklace.

OUAT 411-1I mean.

She quickly realizes the “psychic” is a fraud and storms out. Ingrid tries to use her magic but finds she can’t throw icicles from her fingers, and the psych-out psychic has a bat, so she just leaves without the information she sought about Emma Unborn.

Flash forward to the present-day Snow Queen, who is still wearing the same dress, and must rack up a hell of a dry cleaning bill. She is reveling in the glory of her spell, pleased with herself and sure it will send her “sisters” running into her arms.

In the sheriff’s office, Mary Margaret and David are sassing each other about all the things that bother us about them, and they probably could have gone on infinitely, but Kristoff grumps about it and tells them to cut it out. Anna tries to tell him that he doesn’t mean what he’s saying, but when he keeps throwing word-daggers, she decides to leave him handcuffed and go talk to her fellow immune friends.

Elsa is telling Emma that this is exactly what happened when Anna put her in the urn, and they came out the other side of it okay, though that doesn’t make this feel less awful.

OUAT 411-2*Would much rather be building a snowman.*

Emma tells them that they shouldn’t worry, she’s the Savior, she’ll fix it, but Anna looks a little wary. Just in case, she comes up with an idea of her own; in the legend, the Spell of Shattered Sight is defeated when the person who cast it is killed. This makes Elsa uncomfortable, because she doesn’t really want to murder anyone, but Emma does what Regina taught her and makes the hard choice; if it comes down to Storybrooke or Ingrid, Ingrid’s gotta go. Anna, being the one without magic, gets put on babysitting duty while Emma and Elsa head out. Anna asks Elsa if she trusts Emma, and she says she does, so much that she almost wants to kiss her sometimes.

Across town, Regina finds herself trapped in her own vault and immediately thinks of “the Savior” since everyone under this spell thinks of the person they care about most first. (Well, the person they care about most and have no resentment toward…I don’t even think Evil Queen Regina would have killed Henry.) Regina catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and asks what the hell she’s wearing when she sees her power suit. She poofs herself into Evil Queen garb and oh what a glorious thing it is.

 OUAT 411-3Long live the Evil Cleavage!

Hook goes to Gold and asks why he wasn’t put under the spell and Gold says that not having your heart in your chest has conveniently different rules and effects for every person in every situation. Gold tells him that he plans on leaving tomorrow with Belle and Henry, and that he is going to manipulate their memories so that he comes out the hero in the end, thus guaranteeing himself a happy ending. Which is flawed villain logic if I ever heard it.