“The Comeback” recap (2.5): Valerie is Taken Seriously

The fifth episode from the second season of the cult hit The Comeback opens with a scene we know Valerie is very comfortable in. The lights are so bright that she is almost fully washed out. That’s how Val likes it! Jane interviews her about where Seeing Red has gotten to in production, which apparently isn’t far. Val tries to stay upbeat as she explains that she has no idea which episode they are shooting or where they are in the script. She only knows what they tell her she is doing the day of. Today, they will be shooting her on the set of the fictional sitcom in which her character, Mallory, stars. When asked to repeat a line, Val gets very flustered and has an outburst at Jane, who, very cooly, reminds Val that this entire “interview” was her idea. This settles Val down immediately.

Val and Mickey

On set, Val, in her old track suit from Room and Bored (the actual sitcom where Paulie first met Val), is apologizing to Jane. “I’m human!” she shouts, and makes sure they are “good.” Her nephew and PA, Tyler, approaches with a wrap gift from Seth Rogen. Val has no idea that her scenes with Seth were over, which upsets her. She asks Tyler to find his address. Val tells us she is excited to get back onto the set of a sitcom! She knows she is in her element there. Of course, the door opens to a green screen set. Val is soon informed of two massive developments: Pauly G will not be directing the next two episodes because he has fallen too far behind AND the New York Times will be on set to write a piece about Valerie.

Val is introduced to the new director, Andie (Meryl Hathaway) who has directed a number of dance movies. She is fun and high energy, she exudes positivity which sends Val into a manic joyful place. Andie has a dance move for almost every line she throws out, which is as infectious as it is off-putting. As Andie walks away, Jane asks Val how she feels about Paulie getting booted from the director position.

Dont shoot the messenger

Val is beside herself with happiness, but blurts out something about how bad she feels. Her publicist, Billy, enters exclaiming that there is terrible news. He is followed by the man that runs artist publicity for HBO who has set up the meeting with the NY Times. Val’s publicist is only upset because he can’t do the job he set out to do, as far as where she gives her interviews.

Val and Jane Green

Andie takes Val to set and runs through her blocking. Val is upset because there is no audience for her to play off of. Andie points out the audience of extras, consisting of about 20 people. It’s not what Val had imagined, but they end up giving her the energy she needs. After her lines Val is instructed to start spinning at which point she will turn into a large green monster.

In her trailer, she exits the bathroom in a full green body suit with only her face peeking out through a small hole. Val sees herself in the mirror and decrees that nobody shall see her in this getup. Her publicist, Billy, enters and has a full on freak out. He has had to cancel every interview he set up because HBO has their own ideas about which media outlets Val should be speaking to. Billy quits, citing his experience with Eva Longoria having fired him right before she took off. Val takes this as a compliment.

Outside of her trailer, Val meets Liz (Stephanie Cannon), the writer from the New York Times. She is upset because she is in the green suit and did not want to be seen at all! She asks to push her time with Liz until tomorrow, but tomorrow is Seth’s day.

Its not easy being green