“Marry Me” ups its lesbian game with more Kay and a new lesbian love interest

Although Casey Wilson and Ken Marino star as the central couple on Marry Me, it’s really an ensemble show. Annie and Jake’s family and friends are in every episode, offering comedic variety. Although she has yet to have her own juicy storyline, the best scenes are the ones that feature Kay, Annie and Jake’s lesbian friend played by the hilarious Tymberlee Hill.

Those facial expressions, though.

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This week, we’ll get more insight into Kay’s love life when she reveals that she’s having trouble letting go of an old love interest. Though Kay is often portrayed as a confident lesbian lothario, we may finally get to see Kay in a more vulnerable position. Instead of being the sounding board for her friends, she finally will have a problem that the gang can help her solve.

Kay doesn’t get much screen time in “Bruges Me,” as the main storyline centers on Jake’s attempt to bond with Annie’s dads. You see, Annie and Jake have begun seeing a wedding officiant to help plan their unique celebration, and the first task was to fill out a questionnaire to design the perfect ceremony. By doing so, it becomes clear that, although Annie knows a lot about Jake’s Mom, Jake knows very little about Annie’s two dads, Kevin 1 and Kevin 2. In an attempt to bond with Annie’s dads, Jake goes out to brunch with them.

It’s awkward, to say the least. So awkward, in fact, that Kevin 2 (Dan Bucantinsky) excuses himself to go to the bathroom although Kevin 1 (Tim Meadows) reminds him that he hates to use public bathrooms. As Jake struggles to find common ground with his future father-in-law, Kevin 1 looks out the window and sees, what he describes as, “a sweet hog.”

Motorcycles! Yes! Jake can relate to that. They bond over their old chopper days and Jake encourages Kevin 1 to get a new motorcycle. This idea starts a big fight between the two dads, which eventually reveals that the real issue is Kevin 1’s hesitation to get married after 35 years as a couple.

business is a-booming

Kay helps Jake understand that the legalization of gay marriage has actually put pressure on gay couples to tie the knot. Although it’s sad, it has done wonders for those like her who are in the “rebound janey diddle business.” Jake can relate to that as well, as he had just been there himself. He runs off to convince Kevin 1 let go of his fear of commitment and propose to Kevin 2. After he leaves, Dennah asks what a janey diddle business is.

“Janey means vagina,”  Kay explains. “And business is a-booming!”