The Ho Ho low down on tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars” Christmas special

Today is the day that Pretty Little Liars fans have been waiting for. Time to throw on your finest fur lined hoodie, grab a hot toddy, and watch “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas.” ABC Family has kept a tight lid on the details of the episode, but based on some recent promos, and interviews with cast and crew (including out own), we know a few things.

For Emily and Paige, it’s not all mistletoe and cookies: PLL boss Marlene King has been a bit cryptic about the couple in recent interviews. She tells TVLine:

“Their relationship takes a few turns during the Christmas episode. There’s a lot that happens with them. It’ll be interesting to see how fans respond to their journey.”

Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, was equally vague when questioned about the couple in TV Guide. “Emily and Paige will always have a special relationship. Whether they end up together, who knows, but they’re having fun.” Hmmmmm.

But we do get Paige in boxer shorts as promised!: OK, and the rest of the love interests. Not a chest hair among them.


Spencer is in a dark place: I mean, like you are after you’ve been arrested for the murder of a girl you thought was someone else, that you might have accidentally murdered but you can’t remember. We can see from the promos that Spencer’s defeated mood certainly doesn’t stop her from sleuthing. Toby is still in a wheelchair with a broken leg, so no dancing at the Ice Ball for Spoby.

Hanna is feeling a lot of guilt about Mona’s death: Hanna and Mona have always had a complicated relationship. A little bit of hate, a little bit of love, you know how it goes. Hanna is greatly affected by her former bff’s death, and according to King in TV Fanatic, “Mona leaves a gift upon her demise that was intended to be sent to Hanna from Mona and that really jump starts the story of the episode.” Could it be another creepy doll? Maybe a pair of shoplifted sunglasses to remind her of good times. Also, can we just pause for a second to mention that fact that Mona actually set up some sort of will! Rosewood is a real bitch, you guys. 

Ezra gets his Barefoot Contessa on, prepares a Christmas feast for a group of orphans: Whoops, sorry that’s just the Liars and their boos. Finally, everyone is forced to hang out and pretend it’s not awkward when someone accidentally calls Ezra, Mr. Fitz. Aria gets a gigantic set of earrings from him, and they probably sit by a fire and sip hot cocoa at some point. That part is pure speculation.


Mona’s body is still missing: Yes, Office Holbrook doesn’t need a body to declare Ms. Vanderwaal deceased. Just a lot of blood and a hunch. Police work at its finest.

Hanna and Caleb are the best disgruntled hipster elves, ever: I mean, just look at that.


And Emison fans may have something to hold onto: The Ali Army is a force to be reckoned with, and Emison shippers are still rooting for Emily and Alison to explore more of their complicated relationship. King says this about Emison:

“I think one of the most complex relationships in this show is the relationship between Emily and Alison. And that’s a relationship where we still have so much story to tell. So that’s the information I would give to the Emison fans. There are so many layers to that relationship, and we’re so far from finishing that story. I hope that they continue to enjoy the ride.”

Well you know that we will definitely be tuning in. The very funny and whip-smart Chelsea Steiner will be recapping this season, so be sure to follow her on Twitter @chelseasprocrast. Live tweet with us tonight #BooRadleyVanCullen!