Will Martina become a cougar in the Australian jungle?

UK readers, you’ll have to help me out, here: Do Nicola McLean and Jodie Marsh run in the same publicity-seeking circles? They seem to be pretty similar in that they both “model,” they both have had high-profile relationships with some of England’s most well-known men and they both seem to bring up their “girl-on-girl” fantasizing when talking to the press.

Jodie Marsh and Nicola McLean

Is it something in the peroxide?

Nicola McLean is one of the competitors on the upcoming I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, where she’ll travel to an Australian jungle to compete in challenges against Brian Paddick, Carly Zucker, Dani Behr, Esther Rantzen, George Takei, Joe Swash, Martina Navratilova Robert Kilroy-Silk and Simon Webbe.

She seems especially excited about Martina being involved. She recently told News of the World: “I’m engaged to be married, so I’m not interested in any guys. I like to have a look at girls, though.” She added that Martina could “have a little look and fondle if she fancies it.”

Martina, if you can hear me in the Australian jungle, please do not indulge this girl’s fantasies. We all know how relationships with straight girls end (plus, she has a kid — with her boyfriend). Not that I think you have poor judgment, or that you’d be interested in a 25-year-old who also admits to having spent thousands of dollars on beauty treatments and products before the show so she won’t ever look bad on TV. I just don’t want you to become delusional in the jungle from lack of nutrition or tennis raquets.

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! airs this Sunday on ITV2 in the UK.