“Chasing Life” recap (1.11): Don we now our bi apparel

In this new world of seemingly erratic and segmented television seasons, there shines a bright light to ease our confusion. Shows that are on hiatus in the fall pay us a very merry visit in December, if only for an hour. I was expecting to not have to write a full recap for this, because I didn’t spot Greer in any of the promos for this episode, but it ended up being pretty queer anyway, so I’m going to do up right. Without further ado, Christmas in May for April.

Previously on Chasing Life, April found out she had cancer and, as if that wasn’t enough, started having boy drama too, and also secret sister drama. Brenna decided to be with Greer instead of dating more than one person at once, but Greer’s parents decided Brenna was a bad influence on her and banned them from being together (but not because they were two girls, that was the least of their worries).

When we last saw April, Dom decided to break up with her because of Leo, and Leo left her a voicemail that we did not get to hear. Until now. Leo’s voicemail is silly and cute, but ultimately tells April that he decided to get the surgery to remove his tumor, which is what April wanted for him all along.

Back at the Casa de Carver, Grandma Emma is grumpy because the “other” grandparents are coming to see April. Brenna’s none too pleased either; she says that Grandpa is always asking her if she has a boyfriend in front of everyone, in that special way pushy relatives have. Grandma Emma thinks it would have been hilarious if they had come two weeks ago to find Brenna had a boyfriend AND girlfriend, and Brenna said even though right now it’s neither, she’s hoping soon it will just be a girlfriend.

CL 111-1Tennis Love 5eva!

Sara asks her if Greer’s parents had a change of heart, but Brenna says they just sent Greer to camp for a few weeks and hopes they’ll be over it by the time Greer gets back. Or at least go Out of Town again.

The Other Grandparents arrive in a whirling dervish, every bit as overbearing as promised. Grandpa even brought Brenna a picture of Channing Tatum to make her “boyfriend” jealous.

Sara goes to the hospital ahead of the Other Grandparents to talk to April a bit about her Secret Sister. Sara had found out about Natalie right after April and Brenna’s dad died, but Doctor Uncle George had known longer. In fact, a fight about this very topic is why Sara had told him not to bother coming to his own brother’s funeral. April promises not to mention any of this to the Other Grandparents, and says that she keeps thinking it’s December because that’s usually when she sees them, but it’s only May in Carverland.

Leo is April’s next visitor, and tells her that apparently you can’t just hop onto any ol’ operating table whenever you want to, so his surgery isn’t for a few more days. When he inquires after her handsome fellow, she tells him that she and Dom broke up yesterday, and he kind of awkwardly skedaddles.

The Other Grandparents finally arrive and try to give her homemade food, but that’s not allowed. The knitted hat on the other hand, is allowed. By the hospital, if not by the fashion police.

CL 111-2She’s like a cute little potato!  

Grandpa calls it a “loser hat” and guilts her into playing chess with him, all the while she tries to hide the fact that she just noticed her hair is starting to fall out.

After they leave, Brenna stops by to see how April is doing. She mentions that Other Grandma is trying to make her wear perfume to attract boys and April realizes Brenna’s not out to them yet. She says that Brenna can test the waters by saying April is the gay one since she’ll have short hair soon. Brenna jokes that as a “sometimes lesbian” she’s offended by this comment, but she knows her sister was just using it as a way to tell her that her hair is falling out, and that she’s scared.

CL 111-3 “And I only said ‘sometimes lesbian’ to make you laugh so don’t you go repeating it.”

When Brenna gets home, she pulls out all the Christmas decorations she can find. April needs some cheering up, and April loves Christmas, so Christmas in May is born.

Doctor Uncle George stops by and his parents overbear him just as much as they do everyone else. His mother even goes so far as to tell him that she knows someone polyamorous who found a perfectly lovely couple online, but George is not tempted by this offer.