“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.1): Learning the Lesbian Way

In the Season 3 finale of the southern CW favorite Hart of Dixie, viewers watched Zoe acknowledge her truth, of which she has spent much time being in denial. She is, in fact, in love with Wade–just in time for him to move away to the big city, which never came to fruition. Zoe, however, wasn’t the only Bluebellian to utter her truth. Cricket hiccupped her way through her wedding day and, seconds before saying “I do” in an over the top, choreographed ceremony announced, “Stop the music. Please. Folks, um sorry. I can’t do this. It’s 2014. Nobody has to pretend to be something they’re not anymore. It’s time you knew the truth: I’m gay!” And lesbian southern belles from Texas to Tennessee cheered in welcoming another slow talkin’, hair teasin’ lady to our team.

Season 4 opens with all the picturesque southern beauty we’ve grown accustomed to seeing–panning to eggshells being awkwardly plucked from a skillet. Zoe uncharacteristically makes breakfast for herself and Wade in an effort to pave the way toward establishing more trust between them and her, as yet, unrequited love. Zoe informs Wade that she has made arrangements for the two of them to feast on grits and eggs alone and gracelessly propositions the man of her dreams to accompany her to a screening of Robocop at the Bluebell library. Wade sees through Zoe’s failing attempts to prove her sincerity and declines while pointing out the inadequacy of her grits. Although Wade is not yet ready to open himself up to Zoe’s charms, it is clear that he is entertained by her pursuit.

Breakfast is served by Annabeth in another part of Bluebell to a distressed Cricket. Cricket expresses her embarrassment to an encouraging Annabeth as she insists that Cricket’s coming out was nothing short of courageous. However, they each agree that the freshly out gay lady’s timing was less than impeccable – it being minutes before she became Stanley’s wife and all. Annabeth is on a high due to her recent declaration of independence and insists she and Crickett will “conquer the world.” Crickett is un-enthused and expresses her desire to finish the last two seasons of The L Word before she can join Annabeth in conquering anything. Education first, conquering second.


Lavon and George visit Wade at the Rammer Jammer–separately, but for the same reason. They each proceed to question the sincerity of the other’s alleged affection for Lemon, while Wade regrets ever being privy to this love triangle. Lavon and George both fervently insist that Lemon is “the one.” Wade begs the two love sick boys to consider an honest and adult conversation rather than unloading their troubles on him. This suggestion, of course, falls on deaf ears. Much to Wade’s relief, Meatball enters to express his gratitude to Wade for allowing him to crash at his place during what seems to be a less than storybook beginning to his marriage to Lily Anne.

Annabeth accompanies Wanda to her appointment with Dr. Hart and Wade is the topic of discussion. Annabeth, Wanda, and Baby Long express their disapproval for Zoe’s efforts to win Wade’s heart. Grits and Robocop does not an appropriate romantic gesture make. Wanda suggests a series of outlandish operations straight out of a Gary Marshall rom-com. Annabeth and Zoe question the feasibility of such endeavors and the proverbial lightbulb outshines Wanda’s pregnant glow. Better ideas are in store.

George and Lavon are amongst a group of prospective, and underwhelming, members of the future Bluebell Volunteer Fire Department assemble under the direction of Tom and a hot lady firefighter, Jaysene. As the universe would have it, George and Lavon are paired together in an exercise which requires trust and loyalty between partners.


Zoe, Annabeth, Wanda, and an annoyed Crickett attempt to implement Wanda’s lightbulb-worthy master plan by performing their version of “Walk the Line” outside Wade’s house only to find out their audience is a gowned down Meatball. And another stab at gaining Wade’s affection bites the dust.