“Lost Girl” recap (5.2): I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Previously on Lost Girl: Bo is in Valhalla, Kenzi is in a wedding dress, Tamsin is in The Shining and Lauren and Dyson are in a lesbromance. And now everyone is back except Bo, who is on an elevator to Hell–literally.

So Kenzi’s soul has been returned to her body. The only problem being Kenzi’s body is in her coffin. I’d like to note that this is some excellent Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 cosplay by Lost Girl so far. Though Kenzi’s dress would have been black and she would be clawing her way out of her own grave instead of using up her oxygen by screaming–but otherwise, spot on.


Kenzi is indeed screaming and panicking and lighting matches and other activities that are not prudent given the limited air capacity inside her snug digs. But, luckily for little Ms. Heavy Breather, the cavalry arrives in the form of Lauren and Dyson who have figured out where she is.

Next thing we know, Lauren and Dyson are wheeling Kenzi into Lauren’s new, very sophisticated medical center which has not been properly explained yet. She is thankful for the shoveling (and hand shoveling) by her rescuers and even praises Lauren’s “stuck-up mug.” Aw, remember when those two disliked each other? The old days.


Lauren finds a shard of some pottery on her person and frowns. I do too because I had to rewind the scene twice to see what the hell it was. The unexplained object shall remain unexplained for now but fear not, it has Plot Point written all over it. While the gang exchanges pleasantries, Lauren casually compares Dyson to a schnauzer. Aw, remember when those two disliked each other? The old days.

Once she finally catches her breath, Kenzi tells them how Bo traded herself for her. But to who indeed? The elevator to Hell opens with a ding and Bo enters the dark. For some reason there is a small bouquet of (maybe fake) flowers on the ground next to a (definitely dry) fountain. Do I need to get out my dream analysis textbook?


Back in a better lit, though also somewhat mysterious place, Lauren is giving Kenzi a checkup to make sure she is still the Kenziest Kenzi. After quickly complaining about the inadequate help (read: new nurse), Lauren comes at Kenzi with what can only be described as an elegant dildo. Fine, it’s a tongue depressor. But you can see why the lady might have concerns.


Kenzi is shaking, and asks Lauren for the prescription Vodka we all wish we had right now. Luckily, Dr. Hotpants knows exactly what to keep around the office for medicinal purposes, and pulls a bottle out of the fridge. And they share a drink out of beakers because sometimes this show is the cutest.