“Lost Girl” recap (5.2): I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

So, this is where things get…weird. Partly it’s weird in a good way, because ladies are making out and simulating making out. But also partly weird because this is a deeply weird sequence.

Next we see Lauren in one of Bo’s skimpy kimonos fresh off a bath about to curl up in Bo’s bed. Then we cut back to Bo, making time with bird lady. The great thing about this show is no matter the world-ending imminent peril, there’s always time for nookie.


But then the really weird starts. Where Bo touches bird lady, Lauren feels something. Her caresses and, um, other stuff, seem to mirror themselves on Lauren. Lauren, who is alone in bed wearing only a silky robe and other unmentionables. But she’s not alone because something, someone, is making things considerably steamy. Like slow motion lip-biting, head-throwing steamy. I’d think it was really hot if it also didn’t make me really uncomfortable.


Kenzi interrupts the phantom sex with news of the Ouija board. A flustered Lauren tells her she is sure the spirit is Bo. How sure? I just totally got freaky with a ghost sure.


Call me old-fashioned, but what’s wrong with clearly defined consensual corporeal copulation?

Over in Hell, Bo is feeling like heaven after making time with bird lady. She of the flowy white dress tells Bo the key to Tartarus is knowing what and what not to eat. Bo remembers this myth, even though bird girl didn’t mention a myth. And extrapolates that she must be the girl who ate the pomegranate seeds.

So, yeah, bird lady explains she is Persephone, the wife of Hades. Which makes her Bo’s stepmom. Oops. This is going to make all future family reunions so awkward.


This sends Bo into an understandable rage. But instead of wanting to avoid all future familial entanglements, she goes searching for her father even harder. Persephone tells Bo her daddy is mad, and Bo’s like, back at you pops.

At the Dal, Dyson and Stacey are drinking brewskies and providing needed exposition. Everyone is happy now that the Una Mens are gone and the Morrigan is no longer in charge. Really, I rather miss Evony. The Dal has become a hotbed of democraFAEcy (groan) and probably many, many Light/Dark hookups (other kind of groan).

Dyson is stalling, trying to distract Stacey from finding a soul close to Bo’s heart. So he coughs up Vex, the last of the Mesmers, as Bo’s one true love. And then Stacey kisses him for verification, or more likely because it’s written into the actors contracts that everyone kisses everyone else.


Thankfully, Tamsin arrives. After some requisite name-calling with Stacey, she tells Dyson about how she was sleeper agented back on her mission to deliver Bo to daddy dearest. While Dyson is scolding Tamsin, Stacey goes and steals his phone. The phone Lauren just called. I know we’re supposed to be worried for Lauren’s life, but I’m still hung up on her Casper the Rapey Ghost moment.